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Artwork by Redbubble
Rarity: Wondrous
Color: Pearlescent
Primary Use: Armored Clothing


Pearlstring is a pearlescent thread which is found in the mouths of ancient giant clams, which filter massive amounts of water and slowly produce the near wondrous thread as waste. The thread is incredibly tough, while still being very soft. Unfortunately, it does not take to most enchantments very well.


Because of how durable it is, weaving pearlstring can be difficult. Nonetheless, when woven it is waterproof, very durable, and as light as silk garments.

Use and Effects

Pearlstring is mostly used by very wealthy adventuring magicians and rogues, who seek something which will not obstruct their motion in any way. Though it does not take to magic well, it is as durable as chain while being as light as silk, making it very desirable. Though it is not widely usable for enchantments, it is very good for light enchantments.


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