Osage Orange

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Artwork by Unknown
Osage Orange
Rarity: Uncommon
Primary Use: Bow Staves, Fence Posts, Wagon Wheels
Region: Warm Forests, Grasslands, and Swamps


Osage Orange is a bright yellow to golden wood which darkens over time. It is exceptionally heavy, durable, and resistant to decay.


Working Osage Orange wood can prove difficult to carve, even with well-maintained tools due to its density and hardness. It is much easier to turn on a lathe, and it accepts glues, stains, and finishes easily.

General Use

Osage Orange is one of the best mundane woods available for crafting bows. Many consider it to be outclassed only by Bare Bark wood, though some will argue Yew is just as good. The wood is very strong and dense, resistant to weather, water, and insect damage. It is regularly used as fence posts, flooring, wagon wheels, and any application where the wood’s great weight is outweighed by the usefulness of its strength.