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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Rare
Color: Dark Grey
Primary Use: Stoneworking

Primary Author(s): MagicTurtle


A relic of whatever by-gone civilization once inhabited Niwaedu, oldstone seems to counteract the plane’s naturally volatile and random properties providing stability in the unstable dimension. It is found solely in the ruins within Alysi, and is the only material that they are composed of.


Oldstone appears as a natural, smooth dark-grey stone that is always slightly cold to the touch. Apart from this coldness, it shows no other sides of being supernatural or special at all, and could easily be confused for regular stone.


Large clumps of old-stone (about the size of a small house and bigger) counteract the effects of Niwaedu for the 100 meters around it, creating an atmosphere and environment very similar to the plane upon which mortals dwell, the sole exception being the sky. These large clumps also reverse the effects of shifting, as long as it has not progressed past T3, as long as those affected by it are within a 100 meter range of it. Oldstone can also be made and sharpened into rather brittle and crude weaponry, that, when used in combat against a Grymloch, seems to cut through it as if it were butter, steam rising off of the marks it makes, and nullifying the Grymloch’s duplication ability. Any clump of oldstone, as long as it is a circle with 2 inches in diameter or larger, and touching the wearer’s skin, will shield them from the effects of shifting, although it will not reverse its effects. Such Oldstone pieces also block the effects of Whispering, unless one is standing at the edge of the void, at which point, it will do nothing to combat it. Oldstone is naturally brittle, making the weapons highly impractical for usage in combating anything that is not related to Niwaedu, and, even in confrontations against those creatures, the weapons can snap and break far easier than steel blades can.


Oldstone, being a stone, cannot be forged, and instead must be formed by Chisel into the desired shapes that its crafter wishes to make. It has a crafting process virtually identical to normal stone. Being very akin to solid stone, it would be next to impossible to make usable armor out of it.


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