Okapa Root

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Artwork by Longfield Gardens
Okapa Root
Rarity: Very Common
Type Of Plant: Tuber
Primary Uses: Chewing
Region: Anywhere but Deserts


Okapa root is a slightly sweet, brown root which tastes somewhat like dirt. Eating them whole is very poisonous, and they taste extremely bitter and awful when cooked.


Okapa root is a light brown color. The inside is a bright purple, when the plant is cut.


Okapa root has only small green "flowers" which are easily mistaken for leaves.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

The flowers of Okapa root open up just before dawn, and do not close once they're fully sprouted.


Okapa root is typically consumed by users slicing off thin slices and tucking them into a cheek, chewing and sucking on the slice over the course of two or three hours. The plant is a stimulant, giving its chewer energy, but it also gives a slight euphoric feeling, and makes the user's jaw a tiny bit numb where the slice directly sits. Okapa root is moderately addictive, requiring a d100 roll whenever one pops a new slice in their mouth, and addicting the user on a roll of 60 or below. If someone addicted is deprived of Okapa for longer than a day, they begin to get the sweats and slight muscle cramps, though only for about six hours. After this period, there is no further addiction, except that the user will always have the desire for more.


Okapa root is extremely hardy, and can be planted just about everywhere, with the exception of sand. For this reason, it is loved by farmers the world around, who like to chew it to give them the pep they need to go about their business with zest.

Okapa root can be planted extremely densely, and one can grow up to fifteen of the roots per cubic meter.

Growth Rate
Okapa root grows very quickly, allowing one to get seven harvests per age, and typically growing eight of the roots per plant. Each root gives sixty or so slices.