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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Mythical
Color: Cyan
Primary Use: Slashing Weaponry


Formed through the crushing pressure found at the deepest parts of the ocean, Ogenus is a shiny, cyan metal typically found washed up on Gaia’s shores. The material is extremely light weight while containing an immense strength and high tensile strength. Used primarily in weaponry, its users are capable of delivering devastating blows in rapid succession, making these crafts extremely dangerous.


Being used to the excruciating cold of the ocean’s depths, Ogenus manages to heat up rather quickly at temperatures similar to that required for Iron. Compared to most strong metals, Ogenus is handled easily, holding heat for a decent amount of time and being typically workable. When cooled, the metal would hold an extreme tensile strength capable of keeping an edge without fail.

Weaponry and Armor

Used primarily for weapon smithing, Ogenus weapons are extremely dangerous due to their capability of delivering massive amounts of damage at extreme speeds. A sword made of the weapon would be able to hold an edge with ease while weighing only a bit more than a broomstick. Due to its light weight, smiths tend to steer clear of blunt weaponry, which rely heavily on the force added weight gives to such weapons.


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