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Artwork by Unknown
Rarity: Very Common
Primary Use: Furniture, Barrels, Cabinetry
Region: Temperate Forests and Meadows


Oak is a hardwood with a wide range of colors from nearly white, to reddish, to medium brown. It is well known for its strength and workability, though it is somewhat prone to warping.


Oak is receptive to shaping with hand tools and steam-bending techniques alike. For better or worse, it is very easy to stain, which allows for a wide range of colors past the natural spectrum, but also leaves it susceptible to discoloration when used with iron or copper.

General Use

Oak wood is a favorite among crafters for many reasons. It is not only one of the most cheap and accessible woods to use, but is also highly durable, workable, and easy to stain. It’s flavor and moderate water resistance make it the top choice for the barrels used to age wines and liquors, and it is a common option for boat building.