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Artwork by Unknown
Rarity: Wondrous
Type Of Plant: Climber (Fey)
Primary Uses: Medicinal
Region: Humid Swamps


This plant is found in humid swamps, in between other types of plants which grow thickly. When the berries of the plant fall into the earth, they can only germinate when soaked in blood. This is the reason for their rarity, as an animal of person must shed blood on the specific location the berries fall. The plant is very short (not growing past six inches tall) and flimsy, often leaning upon rocks or tree stumps to support it. The berries which grow on the plant, should they be touched with bare skin, inflict a horrid rash that causes swelling and cyst-like growths. Anything that touches these cysts will cause an intense burning sensation. The stem of the plant does not have this property, and when consumed, causes an overproduction of blood in the body.


Bright red stem and branches, with green leaves and blue colored berries.


The stems do not produce any flowers, but berries. These are small and can appear just like blueberries, albeit a slight lighter tone and smoother texture.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity



If the stem is carefully harvested to avoid the berries, it can be administered orally in patients who have lost blood to increase the production of blood. This must be used sparingly, however, as an overdose will cause far too much blood production; followed by high blood pressure, blood clots, and heart attacks, which could potentially be deadly.


1-3 plants tend to sprout together when the growth conditions are met.

Growth Rate
Sprouting occurs after three days. The full stem develops after two months, and the berries grow fully for the week after the two-month point.