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Artwork by Unknown
Domain(s): Formerly Mevvet, now nothing
Symbols: An Ankh, Scales, Sphinxes
Followers: Those few Sphinxes that remain.
Other Names: The Dead God

Primary Author(s): MagicTurtle

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

Nepuntaku is a dead Sphinx God, who was killed by being pushed into the Soul Well by the Forgotten Lord and the harpy Nikothoe. In his life, he was a pillar of justice and fairness, an honorable, diligent, and selfless caretaker of Mevvet. He took the guise of a massive Sphinx when he still lived.


Nepuntaku used to be the foremost caretaker of Mevvet, and ruled over it in its entirety. Now, being dead, he rules over nothing.


In life, Nepuntaku had almost complete control over Mevvet, and any who dared enter the plane. Had the celestials, for whatever strange reason, attempted an assault on Mevvet, he likely would’ve been able to fend them off with relative ease, so great was his power. Being dead, however, has stripped him of this, and now he is powerless and non-existant


Most artifacts of Nepuntaku’s were destroyed upon the Forgotten Lord’s ascent to power, but some, like Nepuntaku’s followers, still persist. They are scattered far and wide across the plane, in secret places guarded by Sphinxes. Their properties are unknown, but likely pertain to something relating to justice, truth, or death.


Nepuntaku’s tale is an old one, and filled with tragedy. He was created alongside Mevvet, to serve as the plane’s caretaker and defender. To serve him, and ease his burdens, the harpies and sphinxes were made, each with their own quirks and flaws. The sphinxes were honorable, and just, as good caretakers should be, but lacked the cunning to uncover plots, schemes, and other sorts of trickery. For this, the maker of Mevvet created the harpies, who were weaker than the Sphinxes, should they attempt to revolt, but skilled in the arts of schemes and deceit, should anyone attempt to threaten Mevvet in that caliber. For this, the harpies were always looked down upon by the Sphinxes, who were a bit pompous, breeding resentment between the two defenders of Mevvet. This minor dislike, however, was basically inconsequential for the vast majority of the plane’s history, each fulfilling their duties in defending the plane. Harpies swooped through the skies of other worlds, hunting and returning runaway spirits and men, while Sphinxes remained in Mevvet, defending it and its treasures from more powerful threats. This balance, however, projected to last till the arrival of the world serpent, was shattered by the arrival of the Forgotten Lord. Nobody quite knows who, or what, he is, or even if “he” is a he. What is known, however, is that they, through one way or another, managed to make their way to Mevvet undiscovered, and arrange a private audience with the harpy Nikothoe. Nikothoe was a normal, mortal harpy, but one that had considerable influence amongst her people, renowned for her intellect and prowess in battle. The Forgotten Lord promised Nikothoe godhood if she helped him dispose of Nepuntaku and install himself as the new master of Mevvet, and she agreed. Legions of harpies were enlisted towards Nikothoe’s new cause, and, when the time came, they fell on Nepuntaku suddenly and without warning. Nepuntaku slaughtered thousands of them, but the swarms of Harpies, through sheer strength of numbers, managed to lift the Sphinx god from his resting place to the Well of Souls, into which he was dropped, dissolving his essence completely.

Now, the name Nepuntaku is seldom heard or spoken, only the most devout of scholars and the Sphinxes that once served him even knowing his name. In truth, soon Nepuntaku, and his legacy, will become like the being that replaced him, forgotten.