Mytus Wood

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Mytus Wood
Rarity: Wondrous
Color: Oaken
Primary Use: Magical Implements


Mytus wood is the Gaian offshoot of the World Tree, and though it is not nearly so hard and strong as the wood of that greater tree, it does have comparable ability to soak up magic and enchantments. It's usually not used for the pointed edge of weapons for this reason, but the handles and hafts of weapons made of this are extremely high quality, forming an excellent base for any piece of magical equipment.


Mytus wood is remarkably pliant and workable, while not being too soft. Almost any craftsman who works with the stuff is happy to do so again, both for the money that such a work would bring in, but also for the simple joy of working with such a material.

General Use

Though not common enough to be in true general use, Mytus wood is common enough that most cities will have one or two tools made of the stuff for specific uses. A very common use of it among the extremely wealthy is setting up a nozzle on any plumbing they have to automatically, magically purify water poured through, and there are many small villages across the Armusian states which have been gifted with buckets for their central well made of Mytus, during the time when the brothers Anomalous and Sequestus walked Gaia, helping the humans of the world. These buckets are ancient relics, but the magic in them has not failed, and so countless deaths from impure water have been averted from this practice.

Weaponry and Armor

Mytus wood is not great for armor, as it is a fairly soft wood. Weaponry on the other hand can certainly be made with the wood, though usually only in weapons which are not primarily made up of their handles, as they can be prone to snapping unless specifically enchanted to be more durable. Weapons made with Mytus wood are made to be enchanted, typically resulting in exceptional works.


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