Mystic Hemp

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Mystic Hemp
Rarity: Uncommon
Color: Golden
Primary Use: Alchemy, basic enchants


Mystic hemp, for many long ages, was extremely uncommon. It is only created by one specific species of silkworm, originally found and cultivated by the Spring Il'ha, and they jealously hoarded the little creatures, as it was an unbelievable edge in their wars against the winter and autumn elves. Nothing lasts forever, though, and eventually a few of the worms were carried off by a thoughtless Gorney magician who had attracted the little creatures by singing them a friendly song, and simply walking off with them in his bags. By the time him and his little caravan had returned to the pre-Gravicus lands of the humans, they'd realized what they'd grabbed, and despite the natural urge to return what they had taken to the elves, they figured that if they bred a few more of them and just replaced them for the elves, nothing would be lost. Though their caravan would become vastly wealthy in the next few decades from this, they spent it and sold all their mystic silkworms just as fast, and were just as happy for it. Now, because of them, mystic hemp is not terribly uncommon, and the world around is capable of making a wide range of alchemical mixtures.


Weaving mystic hemp is a very simple affair. It is much like normal silk, and is no more difficult to work.

Use and Effects

Mystic hemp clothing is capable of accepting minor to medium enchantments, and it is essential for gathering many alchemical reagents.


There are no mystic hemp Artifacts on Anoma, perhaps you can change this.