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Artwork by Ouch_Kun
Settlement Name: Myrefall
Capital Name: Myrefall
Religion: Mixed

Grand Watcher:

Lady Katherine Pendragon

Grand Warden:

Captain Luca

Grand Treasurer:

Ser Finlay Williams

Grand Mayor:

Grand Artisan:

Grand Secretary:

Lucille Pendragon

Grand Diplomat:

Grand Senator:


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Artwork by Unknown
Settlement Pictures

Myrefall is the home to House Pendragon, an order of knights that seek to protect Anoma from its threats. Though it has its own government and guard force to lead it.


Decades ago, the House of Pendragon was born from a half-Gravican and half-Armusian, raised in Armusia. He was a tall, dashing young man who roamed Gildaran, seeing all its coast and the famed Ribbari capital of the Carribard Confederacy. In his travels, he met a woman in Gravicus whom he married and had two sons. These kids were raised in Gravicus with Armusian ideals, studying the combat techniques of their neighbours but carrying the spirit and knowledge of Armusian knights. One of the sons joined the legion for a time, his fierceness on the battlefields and skills with spear and shield overshadowing some of his peers. During a particular battle, he fends off a group of raiders in a coastal town, committing an act of valour. He is given land by the Gravican government and allowed to hold a standing army within its lands, but always faithful to the Emperor. This man became the first of House Pendragon, Cassius Pendragon.

The first lord sired six kids, the third child being Oliver Pendragon, the youngest son. While the fourth being Lucille Pendragon, the eldest daughter. Once the pair reached a suitable age, they were sent to Anoma where they sought out people of knowledge to help them understand the New World. Their travels lead them northward, to the coastal ravine and here they found a cave housing strange creatures. All those involved in the battle are knighted by Oliver founding the first round table of knights on Anoma.

They established a simple tavern, at first but slowly it sprawled out into a hamlet with tall houses and shops. Then not long after, a city with raised walls dawning the House Pendragon flag, ballista situated on the towers. A government and then guard force is formed to allow the city to govern itself, and the knights more time to focus on their duty.


Grand Watcher

The hand so to say, The Grand Watcher is the so called "leader" of the council, holding ultimate say over issues and proposals. If they believe a council member has failed in their duty, they can put forth a vote to dismiss them, they are the only member with this power, however if the people of Myrefall believe them to have failed, they may put forth a vote to dismiss the Consul and elect a new one. This position is not one of a “king” or “queens” but one of a simple Gaia, like any other, stepping up to the task.

Grand Warden

The noble, stalwart leader of the guard force. It is their duty to oversee the protection and preservation of Myrefall. They are tasked with updating everyone on current events within Myrefall. Recruitment, training, their budgeting and how much equipment they will need for the coming year all lie on their shoulders (1 Age).

Grand Treasurer

The holder of Myrefall's gold and vast wealth. The treasurer is tasked with upkeep of all the gold that flows into Myrefall, such as trade deals and taxes, they are trusted with everything commerce. Their powers lie with adjusting taxes, construction of buildings, They help with the Warden's, Artisan's, and Senator's budgeting and how to maximize profit of these events.

Grand Mayor

The elected official who will become the face of Myrefall, this can be anyone accept a currently serving knight as it would take away from their duties. They will be the one to be seen by the civilians as the leader of the town.

Grand Artisan

Charged with enlisting new crafters and to make sure orders relating to the House Pendragon are met in good time, the Grand Artisan is to ensure that the people of Myrefall have access to as many services as they should and that the prices of such services are fair for all. Will also be the one taking the list from the Warden in regard to arming the guards. They also handle all foreign and internal trade

Grand Secretary

This will be a position open to take notes from what the House of Pendragon requires or says and will bring them to the small council for them to vote upon, they will be sat within all meetings to enlist the help of the others to ensure things are voted on.

Grand Diplomat

This rank is given out to someone gifted with the tongue, they are required to spend time with the other settlements and promote healthy relations with them, they will bring all that they gather to the meetings when held. Myrefall’s place on Anoma should be held well in the minds and mouths of all.

Grand Senator

The lead “organizer” in the events of Myrefall. To the rowdy Dragon’s Lair Tavern games to the song and dance around the city square. Of course, the spending and food required for these things must be discussed with the Grand Artisan and the Grand Treasurer.


The settlement is located on the west coast, specifically the north-eastern land next to Talidurian Mountains. It is situated next to a large ravine that leads out into the northern oceans. On the other side of this ravine is an enormous tentacle that hangs dormant, ever a threat to the peaceful city. Myrefall boasts a sea view and with a proper spyglass, one can see the desert to the north.


Due to Myrefall's mix of human populations, the culture is a mix of human cultures from Gravican to Armusian to Giantblood to Akagijin. It accepts all who walk into its walls with open arms and allows nobles or commoners to serve the House in any way they can.


Myrefall partakes in several tavern nights composed of classic drinking nights, arm wrestling, and general fun mayhem.


While there are more Gravicans in Myrefall then anyone other sub-race, it is not by much and one can find multiple human sub-races here.

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