Mors Poplar

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Artwork by Unknown
Mors Poplar
Rarity: Rare
Primary Use: Ranged Weapon Ammunition
Region: Places of great unrest, exceptionally bloody battlefields where bodies have been left to rot.


Mors Poplar is a fast-growing tree with smooth, bone-white bark. The sapwood is dark red-brown, which fades into a blood red heartwood. The wood has a strong spirit of its own, and lusts for battle. Arrow shafts made of this wood have been seen to bend and arc towards enemies, making them significantly more accurate, regardless of the archer’s skill.


Mors Poplar is fairly easy to work, though the thin red sap easily stains tools, hands, and clothing. The grain runs remarkably straight, making it a simple task to carve arrow and bolt shafts from the wood.

General Use

Despite it’s striking look, most cultures consider the use of Mors Poplar for decoration to be taboo. It is typically used to make the shafts of bolts and arrows, though other applications are not unheard of. Clubs made of the wood are particularly dense, and seem to leave especially viscous wounds. It seems, however, to impart little if any advantage when used in the handles of metal weapons.