Morning Dew

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Morning Dew
Rarity: Common
Color: Clear
Primary Use: Alchemy


Morning dew, in appearance, looks like nothing more than water. Generally speaking, it has a slightly earthy smell, but other than this it is impossible to distinguish from regular water, or even water which simply smells of earth. It is a very refreshing drink, and many vehemently claim that tea brewed in it is the single best way to start any day.


Gathering morning dew is a fairly simple process, generally speaking, using an odd-looking specialized rake tool to comb grass every morning. About a square meter of grass or foliage will gather a single dose of morning dew, about a half liter.


Morning dew is a base for alchemical mixtures, which does not effect the outcome of the mixture. Mixtures made of morning dew are generally meant to be ingested, boiled and inhaled, or injected. Healing potions made of morning dew must be applied to wounds or injected, whereas healing potions to be ingested are made of melon.