Monstrous Webs

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Artwork by Innovationtoronto
Monstrous Webs
Rarity: Uncommon
Color: White
Primary Use: Rope


Monstrous webbing, gathered from giant spiders, is a very valuable substance when cleared of the sticky globs of goo that covers it. Straightened out and twined together, monstrous webs form a rope as strong as chain. Clothing formed of the web is not nearly so strong, at least versus slashing weaponry, but cloth armor formed of it is as durable as chain as well, while being extremely light. Finally, monstrous webs are surprisingly resistant to most Truths, with the exception of Truths of fire, making it an unenchantable material.


Weaving monstrous webs is a chore, requiring an adept tailor to successfully accomplish. The first step is thoroughly and painstakingly washing it in oil until it is no longer sticky in any place, drying the strands, and then weaving the fine strands together, typically in a loom.

Use and Effects

Monstrous webbing is almost always used for rope, as it is unbelievably strong in this role, while remaining very light. Beyond this role, many enjoy wearing a monstrous web suit underneath their armor to give them some resistance against Truths, which are 20% weaker when used on such a target.


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