Mindwyrm Silk

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Myndwyrm Silk
Rarity: Wondrous
Color: Silvery
Primary Use: Enchanted Robes


Mindwyrm silk, in addition to being very pretty, is exceedingly good at carrying enchantment. Though it is no more durable than average silk, the fact that it so readily drinks up enchantment makes it widely desired. It is also supposed to make one more intelligent. Mindwyrm silk is gathered from the corpses of elves who have been unfortunate enough to have been infected with mindwyrms. When one of them bursts from the skull of a dead elf, lots of silky fibers of mindwyrm silk are left over.


Weaving mindwyrm silk is no more difficult than working with normal silk, and most tailors who use it report it to, in fact, be one of the easiest materials they've ever had the joy of working with, as if the material itself wanted to be tailored.

Use and Effects

Mindwyrm silk takes to almost all enchantments exceedingly well, and is exceedingly comfortable. In addition, a person wearing or touching the silk while they sleep is unable to be pulled into the primordial dream against their will.


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