Meteoric Metal

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Artwork by Lugh__
Meteoric Metal
Rarity: Rare
Color: Black
Primary Use: Wide-Usage


Otherwise known as ‘Star Metal’, Meteoric Metal is a material found within meteors which have fallen upon the world. Through careful extraction, this blackened metal can be found at the meteor’s core, still glowing hot from its descent through the skies. Once cooled after extraction, its black surface would expose grooves of red-hot flames seeming to encompass the entirety of the material, acting as if the metal’s interior was still one engulfed in the heat in which it was found.


Meteoric Metal is considerably harder to forge than the likes of steel or iron due to its natural strength and high melting point. When working with the metal, the scorching red lines seen across its exterior would fade, only returning once the material had cooled. With the metal having a naturally high temperature, it would require a much longer time within the forge before it reaches a workable consistency.

General Use

The Meteoric Flame

Unknown exactly how the metal contains such a high internal heat, The Meteoric Flame is the common name given to the ripples of red-hot flames seeming to burst through the metal’s black exterior. While the ore itself would not be ‘on fire’ so to speak, being touched by said material without protection is most likely to leave a burn - The metal rests at around 600° Celsius from its internal spark.

Weaponry and Armor

Meteoric Metal is solely used in weaponry due to the likelihood of personal injury if held against one’s body in the form of armor. Weapons forged from such a metal are capable of holding their shape and edges extremely well, typically being both stronger and more durable than steel. Damage can be dealt by these weapons simply by touching one’s bare flesh, as the heat from the metal is capable of creating burns. Though hot, the blade is not hot enough to heat up metals or burn holes in leather armor unless applied for a long enough time.


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