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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Rare
Color: Grayish-blue
Primary Use: Wide-Usage


Indistinguishable from common metals deep within caves or basking in sunlight, Luminide truly takes its form as the moon begins to shine - revealing its true vibrant grayish- blue color whilst emitting a bright light similar to that the moon seems to provide. Believed to have come from fallen pieces of the moon millenia ago, the metal’s connection to its original source still holds strong, keeping many of the same aspects despite its long time apart.


Luminide’s physical properties are generally sought after for its glow-in-the-dark effect, not for its strength or durability. This moon metal’s forging capabilities mimic that of iron, being smelted down rather easily while generally holding its shape. Forging the metal down from its natural form does not affect its moonlight connection or change its ability in any form.

General Use

Moonlight Connection

With its origins being of astrological nature, Luminide continues to hold the attributes awarded to it from its source- the moon. With no connection to the sun or its rays, the metal’s glow only becomes prevalent whilst the moon is out. For this reaction to take effect, Luminide must be exposed to the moon’s rays, at which time it would begin to glow with the same strength as its source in the sky. After exposure, the material would hold its glow for the remainder of the night, only dimming once the sun breaches the horizon.

Weaponry and Armor

Similar to iron’s use for weapons and armor, the forging of Luminide into such objects is sought after for its moonlight connection rather than its strength or durability. Glowing suits of armor or weapons seeming to bask in the moonlight can be created through the forging of Luminide, both of which are typically able to hold their shape well.


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