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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Wondrous
Color: Purple-ish Black
Primary Use: High Heat Usages


A charcoal created from burning Etes H’evelm Wood, Lither would be almost identical to its common counterpart, differing only when set aflame. Instead of the typical red-orange flames, Lither burns bright purple, a flame that doesn't stop until being manually put out. The Lither itself does not seem to deteriorate when burned as normal charcoal would, yet infinitely fuels the fire without any change in its physical form.


Lither can be used both within alloys, or to directly heat forges through its infinite source of heat. Steel alloy can be created with Lither in the same way it is with common coal. When crafted into an alloy, the Lither’s ability to hold a flame would be diminished by its combination with Iron, yet it would be noticeably more wear resistant than its common counterpart.

General Use

Purple Flame

When lit aflame, Lither would infinitely hold a bright purple flame, only capable of being put out manually. The chunk of Lither never seems to change shape or be damaged by the flame, making it an infinite source not capable of running out.

Weaponry and Armor

Weapons and armor created out of Lither alloys are noticeably stronger than typical steel, capable of holding an edge or its forged shape rather well. Staffs and torches also make up a large portion of Lither use due to its infinite ability to hold a flame.


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