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Lindwyrms are a curious sort of mortal dragon, appearing like large, twisting serpents with two clawed hands near their heads. They tend to be between fifty and two hundred meters long, and despite that, they have no wings, they are capable of fast, agile flight through both the air and sea. They’re as intelligent as False Dragons and are capable of using powerful Truths just as they are. While they don’t have a breath weapon as the others do, they are far more agile and hard to hit. In addition, they’re also far, far more elusive, only being seen once every five or six centuries, never for the same reason. Sometimes they show up to trade, gathering vast amounts of usually strange basic materials in return for an extremely rare or precious bounty of their own, while other times they show up to teach some of the smallfolk below specific magic, or help a campaign. Curiously, if one takes their actions as a timeline, they almost always seem to act in concert with one another, several centuries apart. For example, one might come to help a slave rebellion, ensuring its success through tactical knowledge and sharing Truths, only to disappear and reappear half a millennia later to trade with the descendants of those it helped. It has been theorized that they have some sort of limited ability to determine possible futures, and are manipulating events to their ends, though what ends these could possibly be are unknown, and quite possibly unknowable. What is known is that they live on a city in the skies, held aloft and hidden by magic, and though it is the city of the Lindwyrms, some False Dragons are known to speak of the place as a homeland.

The Skies, or the open ocean.

Unpidctable in extreme conditions.

Danger Level

Fast and strong, flies with perfect agility, wields strong Truths.

Generally, they favor a certain element. Wielding the opposite element tends to be effective.