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Artwork by Unknown
Domain(s): Sun, the Desert, and Tropics
Symbols: The Sun, Palladium
Followers: Many Desert Cultures, some Gorney, some Rehk
Other Names: The Proud Dragon, The Bright Dragon

“So she watches, unable to change the course of things, yet unable to set aside her task.”
-Words of the prophetic Deceived Carradus, interpreted to be about Lacerta.


Lacerta has influence over the sun, deserts, and the tropics, and is frequently worshiped that she might allow the desert to be more kind to its inhabitants.


Lacerta is an extremely powerful dragon, who flies eternal between Gaia and its sun. She is unbelievably physically powerful, like all dragons, but she also has the power to wield the fires of creation, hot as the center of a star.


All palladium artifacts come from either the breath of Lacerta or one of her False Dragon servitors, and thus are her artifacts. Her draconic servants have also been known to occasionally hand out a magical item, imbued with some spark of blazing sunlight, on specific occasions.


Lacerta, out of all of the dragons, is probably the most understandable one. She has but one very clear motivation, to stand watch for the return of Grytuss the Black. Nobody knows why she does this, other than perhaps her, nor does anyone know how long she has been doing so. There are stories, impossibly ancient, of when Lacerta ruled over the world and flew the skies, bringing warmth, joy and powerful Truths to the peoples of the tropics she so loved, but these are stories of word of mouth, as it is nowhere in recorded history that Lacerta has ever left her place between Gaia and the sun. It’s said that she constantly flies between the sun and Gaia, and that her glow combines with that of the sun to hide her, but this is only speculation. Lacerta’s appearance is supposed to be that of a gold-scaled dragon, which lets off a blindingly radiant glow, and almost the heat of the sun itself. Her false dragons occasionally appear to help out small civilizations in the tropics and deserts.