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Artwork by Tygodym
Domain(s): Craftsmanship, Memory
Symbols: Open Books, Blacksmith's Hammers
Followers: Karmeny, Crafters
Other Names: Thorkon Strongforge, The Ancient Pen, The Cavelord

Karmeny is the father of all the Karmeny Karlik, and is the lord of the oldest Dwarfhold, deep under the mountains crossing the waist of the old world. Though, long ago, his hold produced wondrous items, for the past several hundred ages, his hold has been closed entirely to the outside world, and none are quite certain exactly why.


Karmeny has influence over forging and crafting, as well as writing and planning. He is the god of all Karmeny, but he is particularly worshiped by smiths, writers (something which all Karmeny are,) generals and tradesmen.


Karmeny has unmatchable magical might when creating enchanted goods, or constructing defensible structures. He is also possessed of incredible physical strength, and many believe him to be one of the most intelligent of all the gods, though these are mainly his followers.


The number of artifacts which Karmeny has produced are nigh uncountable. Most dwarfholds have one or more magical items created by Karmeny himself, and in the era which his hold traded with other empires, long past, huge numbers of magical items of his and his followers' creation were sold the world round. This has given rise to a saying when criticizing something's craftsmanship; "It's no Karmeny," meaning that the craftsmanship falls short of perfect.


Karmeny, after he created and seeded the world with cave dwarves, traveled from place to place, teaching them how to build homes under the earth and giving them their civilization and culture. It is said, however, that the longer he spent travelling among his people, the more tired he grew of them, keeping his own book of his experiences which slowly grew with slights and insults. Eventually this culminated in him gathering the most skilled of his people and founding his own dwarfhold, keeping only those close who he favored most. While at first this hold was extremely open to the world, after a hundred or so ages, they barred their gates to the outside world, only doing trading, and only outside their mighty hold. Then, a few hundred ages later, the trade began slowly winding down, and they ceased trading as powerfully enchanted or mastercraft items to the outside world. Finally they eventually closed off to the world entirely, and it has been a long five hundred ages since any of the dwarves inside the Karmeny Dwarfhold have been seen.