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Artwork by Will Murai
Domain(s): Lakes, Oceans, and Seas, Inspiration
Symbols: The Rainbow Whale, The Waves
Followers: Summer Elves, Sailors, Fishermen
Other Names: The Depth Singer, The Brilliant Queen

Kaimana is the Summer Elven goddess of the sea. She rules over the storms and waves, as well as the colorful denizens below the water's surface. She serves as a conduit between the great chaotic void of Van'aqra and the creative minds of the Ae Il'ha. She accepts tributes in the form of works of art dedicated to her name, and any bounty of the land that is cast into the sea. She considers the lost treasures of shipwrecks to be an offering, and may strike out against those who attempt to raid prizes from those watery tombs.


Kaimana influences inspiration and creation, as well as ocean storms and the success of fishermen. Prayers may be offered to her for favorable winds when sailing, or for inspiration in artistic endeavors.


Kaimana has control over ocean currents, great tsunamis and typhoons. She can also influence the creatures of the water to serve her will. Her favor brings bountiful fishing and kind winds, while her wrath may bring rough waters to crush ships and sharks and whales to devour the lost sailors.


Kaimana's artifacts occasionally wash ashore from her home in a deep trench beneath the waves. These include such items as nets of immense strength, beautiful works of art, or driftwood upon which are carved omens of great importance.