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Artwork by Unknown
Rarity: Uncommon
Primary Use: Armor, Barricades, Siege Weaponry
Region: Deep Forests and Jungles


Ironwood is a dark, grayish wood with a fine, swirling grain. It is incredibly strong, easily withstanding blows that would dent or splinter other hardwoods. It is highly resistant to damage, rot, and fire.


Ironwood blunts blades and saws quickly, making intricate carvings and decorative usage rare. The wood is typically chiseled and carved into rough shape, then smoothed and refined with coarse sandpaper or grinding wheels through a time consuming process. It is difficult to bend the dry wood, though it can be shaped somewhat prior to seasoning, or when steam is applied. If heat treated the wood can become as strong as steel although unable to be further bent or twisted into various shapes and forms.

General Use

Plates of ironwood are sometimes used as a lighter, renewable alternative to common metal armor and shields. The wood is also a favorite for walls, gates, barricades, and siege weaponry. It does not bend readily, making it unsuitable for bow staves.