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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Common
Color: Tanish
Primary Use: Wide-Usage


Undeniably the most widely used material, Iron is a metal capable of use in almost all fields, whether that be in the form of armor or weapons, to a simple bucket or horseshoe. Its abundance and natural strength has led to its widespread use, making the material seen as a required staple by most, if not all cultures and peoples. Along with its material use, Iron is the base for stronger alloys such as Steel.


Iron is one of the simplest metals to smelt and shape, both due to its abilities to hold heat and its widespread knowledge. Though fully melting the metal would prove harder than softer metals such as silver (2,800F, 1538C), Iron is extremely malleable, capable of being shaped almost any way. Despite being malleable in its heated form, Iron typically holds its shape once set, only chipping or cracking after prolonged use, misuse, or faulty craftsmanship (Tensile Strength of 275 MPa).

General Use

While Iron’s specificity is only ever truly discussed in weapons and armor, Iron is used in practically any long-lasting items made by Gaians. Iron has been a layman’s resource for centuries due to its ability to form almost anything, allowing it to take over markets internationally.

Weaponry and Armor

Iron weapons and armor set the standard for both protection and reliability as per its common use by persons of any social class, standing, or profession. Iron armor is capable of withstanding most blows from sharp weaponry with nothing but a scratch, but is susceptible to denting from heavy blunt weapons. In its more offensive form, Iron weapons are capable of providing a strong attack whilst keeping its structural integrity. Regardless of its class of sharp or blunt, these weapons are both cheap and reliable in a battle.


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