Ice Salt

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Ice Salt
Rarity: Rare
Color: Deep Blue
Primary Use: Refrigeration, Alchemy


Ice salts are deep blue salts, converted from normal stone by extreme low temperatures, combined with massive pressure and contact with ice over the course of thousands of years. As such, they are almost exclusively found in caves in the tundra ringing the world's waist, in the extreme cold.


The gathering of Ice Salt is no easy task. It requires one to travel either up mountainsides or into the Tundra, both of which are difficult prospects indeed. After one has found a good site, they must then carve through the ice before they can access the metamorphosed stone below. Though getting to this point is arduous, luckily, mining the salt itself is very easy, requiring relatively simple work using chisels and stone saws to lift the salts from ground. Because of the whims of Covrudurth and Coldwind, these expeditions must be abandoned every age, to return the following one, making the salts fairly rare.


There are a great many uses of Ice Salt. Because it remains about as cold as ice, permanently, it is very useful for iceboxes, refrigerators, and morgues. Beyond this, it is used for a wide variety of alchemical purposes. In many cases, this will cause the potion's effects to last a bit longer, however if this is used as a base, it can provide resistance to the cold. Finally, many high end alcoholic beverages are made with ice salts, which causes the beverage to remain cold forever, and also doubles the feeling of warmth one gets from drinking the beverage. For this reason, many tundra communities love the practice.