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Artwork by Unknown
Height: 4’6" - 6’5"
Weight: 80lbs - 250lbs

Humans in this setting are industrious, adventurous, short lived and bold. They come in three broad varieties. The Gravicans, The Armusians, and The Carribards. The Gravicus Empire takes up a slight majority of human-held territories and is a military powerhouse. The Armusian States hold the second most, but are immensely wealthy and politically powerful. The Carribard Confederacy is an island nation, made wealthy through trade and piracy.


Though the humans, for almost a millenia were embroiled in bitter wars while the Gravicus empire expanded, in the past couple of centuries it has been significantly more peaceful. The three major empires settled into an uneasy peace, none were willing to act against either of the others, and so things slowly got to a sense of normalcy. The Gravicans defended from the Rehks, the Carribards defended the coasts and human trade, and the Armusians shmoozed their way along, trading goods between the two, and, with their upkeep of the church, being the glue that kept humanity together. Now that there's a new continent, however, things are different. Once ships or their passengers pass the halfway mark to Anoma, actions against fellow empires don't have diplomatic repercussions against the actor, as they are considered to be acting of their own authority with only minimal oversight from the mother country. It has yet to be seen whether or not this policy will actually be held true, as no major diplomatic incidents have occurred...

Creation Lore

"In long eras past, there were only Two. Brothers of Chaos and Order, Anomalous and Sequestus the young. All about them was nothing and they existed in relative peace. But the ghost of Mankind sat deep inside them, and though it was not yet fully formed, it still had strength which built over the eons as the brothers sat parallel in their own sides of nothing. This ghost grew and formed until finally, the strongest of mankind’s primal urges became strong enough to imprint upon the brothers. The urge for something more, that essential hunger which drives Mankind left a tiny imprint on Chaos. Suddenly seeing the nothing around him as it had been for eons, Anomalous suddenly felt ill at ease and realized that he ought to make something else. For eleven days he worked to create an island among the long empty order, in which chaos would be supreme.

When Anomalous created his island, he found that he wanted more chaos. The leering face of nothing always peered back at him, and so he created more and more chaos until finally, it was all he could see. Sequestus saw the ghastly immeasurable horror of chaos as far as the eye could see and the mind could sense, and was imprinted upon with a piece of the spirit of man at this point as well, the determination to build and set about Ordering the mad creation his brother had wrought.

Tirelessly for eleven days Sequestus worked, creating the world and its many systems, setting the flow of liquids in order and weaving magic into all things. When he met with Anomalous again, it’s said that for eleven days they fought. At the end of the eleventh day, Sequestus left, calling a draw and going to rest while Anomalous looked at his creation, maimed by order’s hand and sought to weave yet more chaos. But that which has been carefully sewn is not so easily undone. After a day, brother Chaos chose to change his direction, instead choosing to permanently mark this world with his own imprint as well. For eleven days, he worked, first creating Mankind who had wrought this all, then creating the other races. Il’ha and Rehks first, to traverse the trees and plains and to make companions for his beloved Mankind. Then, he saw much space below the ground and so filled it with Drachev…"

-Excerpt from the Holy Book of Balance


The following are the most prevalent human cultures present in Anoma. Notably, humans are very adaptable, and seem to have physically changed to suit the culture of the place from which they hail, after only a few centuries of being so divided. Perhaps a new human empire which lasts several hundred years could create their own distinct subculture to which their people will morph...

  • Gravicans: The Gravicans are tall, muscular, and broad. They're generally between European and Mediterranean in appearance, though they have incorporated several smaller countries with varied appearances. In addition to this, they have a lively market for enslaving just about anyone, so almost any person could be found within the Gravican empire. Gravicans style themselves much in the same way as Romans, utilizing a similar color scheme of whites for most garb, red for those in the military, and purple for those of higher class. They are known for being very survivable.
  • Carribards: The Carribards are a confederation of island nations with an extremely strong naval tradition of privateering, and a good deal of their heroes had little stints of piracy. They also have some of the fastest and best sailing craft in the old world, practice martial arts and have at least one master aboard every ship. They appear to be anything from Mediterranean to African.
  • Giantbloods: The Giantbloods are a group of humans who live on a set of islands to the Southwest of the mainland of the old world. They are not unified, and in fact would likely take offense to the suggestion that they are such, but the similarities in their religion and culture along with their proximity to one another has led them to be grouped into one. They are the tallest and physically strongest of the humans, but they are prone to mad, frothing rages, something which pushes them forward in war almost as much as it holds them back.
  • Armusians: The Armusian people are a relatively recent grouping, and thus they're a varied group, but the spirit of the Armusian church has infused them all, and they have rather rapidly gained the traits that those who rigidly adhered to the Armusian belief have long enjoyed. Due to the wide ranging nature of the states that have joined into the Armusian states, they come in many varieties, with appearances as varied as European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and African, though they tend towards European.

The Armusians are also the most active group sending people to Anoma to form colonies. They have pledged to support any human colony who swears fealty to them and has a branch of the Brother Church, on top of bankrolling the majority of ships which make the journey across the ocean, and are more than willing to provide free passage to the new world to anyone who wants to attempt to colonize it. Further, they also consider this an excellent opportunity to get rid of undesirables, and so they're very persuasively suggesting that many of these sorts of people find themselves a boat to the new world.


Anoman Human Nations

There is no human nation with truly noteworthy hold on Anoma. Perhaps you can change this.

Old World Human Nations

Though the Gravicans, Armusians, and Carribards are massive nations with the strong desire to expand further, the following empires also have reason to send people to Anoma.

The Council of Entheric

Deep in the mountains in the tundra that belts the world, nestled in a massive valley, there is a country of pale, tall blonde humans. Nobody is quite certain where this country, named Entheric, is, other than that it is most certainly on the edge of livable territory, in an environment nearly as cold as death itself. What is sure is that they use the raised dead to work their fields and power odd, infernal machines that plunge their mines of vast gems and gold. The council that controls them are openly Voudr, despicable nigh-undead bloodsucking monstrosities of the night, abhorred by almost all species. Through keeping their location a secret and carefully maintaining their neutrality, they have remained under the radar of their neighbors and the Gravicus empire, allowing them to exist mostly in peace. The council believes that their kind, the Voudr, originated in the lost continent Anoma, and are looking for someone to confirm their suspicions. Such proof would be worth quite a bit to them, surely.

The Lotus State

The Lotus State is an empire far to the east of the Gravicans and Armusians, appearing asiatic, and nestled close to the elves in near-seclusion from their cousins. They have an exotic culture of extreme emotional and verbal reservation, and a religion melded with a philosophical outlook that preaches that there is a cosmic dragon of unimaginable power who presides over a hoard of the most perfect items imaginable in some space between the planes. Any item one could think of exists there, in a perfect distilled form that was the quintessential essence of the item, or concept. The belief teaches that one should envision the perfect form of ones' self, and that achieving that ideal is the true extent of a human's purpose on Gaia. Their original leader's texts indicate that she also believed there was much more to Gaia than just the old world, but she was unable to form a secure enough country in her life to pursue such a dream. Only now with the discovery of Anoma, many centuries later, has that goal of the Lotus State been reinvigorated. Though they are not as wealthy as the major empires, and they are much further away, they almost certainly will be sending people to Anoma, as their original leader, Duong Hyunh believed that there was some place on the material plane which led to the hoard she'd seen.

Appearance of Ethnic Hybrids

They're humans! Overall, they look like you! Yes, you, dear reader! The main change is that, depending on their background, they may have a fantastic range of eye colors, including purples and reds!