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Hugarfari translated to common means Dream-Thieves, and as their name might imply, they stalk the primordial dream in search of those with a large presence, who they are drawn to. Once they locate a target, they will phase over from the Dream to the material plane and begin to stalk them, using their innate Truths to twist the normal dreams that such a person would have into hideous, demented nightmares, and feeding on the terror that results. Eventually, these nightmares turn into full-on night terrors, causing insomnia and sleepwalking, and after almost a year of stalking a person’s dreams so, they begin to gain limited control over their movements when they begin sleepwalking. Each night they will have the person walk further and further from the safety of their home into the night, and draw closer to the lair of the Hugarfari, which hungrily awaits. If, or when, if it is not resolved, the person finally reaches the lair, the Hugarfari will allow them to awake, just so that they might have one final taste of the exhausted mortal’s terror before they bring them down, crack their skull open and devour their brain, dragging the corpse with them back to the Material plane to lay eggs within, which will eventually sprout, and devour the corpse fully before going off to hunt more usual prey within the Dream while they grow to adulthood. Physically, Hugarfari resembles the species which they were born from, though usually more green, and stretched, becoming thinner and longer. Finally, their eyes become milky white and their mouths and nose are replaced by a beard of grasping, twisting tentacles, suitable for burrowing into a skull and sucking the brains from within. They wield powerful Truths, though are physically rather weak, and they’re very flammable because of an odd slime which covers their skin. Generally, a Hugarfari goes around completely nude, though they lack any genitals or marks of birth or organs for feeding young such as a belly button or mammaries.

Generally they live in caves nearby their targets.

It causes nightmares and insanity, feeds on terror, and eventually the brain of a target once they get them to come to them.

Danger Level

Strong truths, very stealthy.

Cannot exit the material plane until they’ve killed their target. Physically weak.