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Artwork by Raven Von Bloodomir
An Interpretation of Grytuss
Domain(s): Destruction, Insanity, and Death.
Symbols: Shadow Totems
Followers: The Mad, Cultists, Mist Men
Other Names: The Destroyer, The Inevitable End, The Black

“...and when the creature most foul rises, a black apocalyptic miasma will follow, and will swallow the whole of the world.”
-Words of the prophetic Deceived Carradus, interpreted to be about Lacerta.


Grytuss has influence over the madmen and demons of the world.


The powers of Grytuss are unknown, as he was defeated long before the rise of the mortal races. All stories of Grytuss are reclaimed from the servants of the other True dragons, and none of the stories are good. It is said that he struck down the most beloved of all dragons, Gedith as he entered Gaia, and nearly killed Lacerta, Ceithus, and Covrudurth. It was only through the efforts of Xulxraiss that defeated Grytuss, but it is clear, with the prevalence of Mist Men, that his defeat was not permanent.


Grytuss has no artifacts, and rends all he touches.


Grytuss the Black is one of the Entar, or True dragons, and is viewed as the most terrible and cruel of them all. So twisted and evil is Grytuss that even Covrudurth, the Bitter Cold cannot stand him. So devastatingly destructive is his aura that even Lacerta’s brilliance is challenged by his strange, pulsating black light. His magics are said to be as wide ranging as the multiverse itself, and his madness is deeper than the lowest trenches. He has not been seen for millenia, and this can only be for the best, as every culture has stories of the apocalypse that would follow should Grytuss ever be allowed to rise again. There are no records of what Grytuss looks like, though surely you would know him by his appearance if you should ever see him, so twisted, black and horrifying as his mien is. There are several cults dedicated both to Grytuss and to The Black Wing, his phoenix servant, who still occasionally roams the face of Gaia, and wherever these cults appear, tragedy is soon to follow.