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Artwork by Quellion
Domain(s): Food, Family, Friends
Symbols: Cauldrons, Lanterns
Followers: Gorney, Bards, Chefs
Other Names: The Jolly Tosser, Todo Goodhome

Gorney is the most peaceful of all gods, requiring no more from his followers than that they have a good life, make merry with their friends, and have, and love their family. He is also among the least worshiped gods by his own people, as he does not demand any such worship from them.


Despite that only about half of his species worship him, Gorney is a fairly powerful deity. He has influence over love, good food and good family.


Most of Gorney's powers rely on making a good home, and protecting that family. He is also generally the god of cooks, alchemists and distillers, who pray to him for good brews and good foods.


Gorney's hillock is something of an artifact, being a massive town carved into the face of a group of hills. This town is the largest gathering of Gorney in the world, and is something of a site for pilgrimage for those Gorney who live in the human lands in the old world, who seek to visit at least once in their life. Gorney himself lives there, and loves to cook massive meals every night, feeding all those who stop at his table. It's said that he somehow makes time to speak to all those who attend these feasts, joining every little group and making friends with all those he meets, remembering them forever onward if they meet again.


Gorney has a rather simple history. After Vykovat created him, and he created his people, he almost immediately settled down and cut his hillock out of the hills which he favored so. There have been incursions, but he has defended this hillock with great magical strength, and unfailingly nonlethal methods. Anyone who travels to Gorney's Hillock can meet and converse with Gorney, and it is said that there's no problem that the short, happy god can't help unwind. Beyond this, there are several stories of Gorney showing up in the life of a Gorney who has truly abandoned all hope, and helping them.