Golden Apple

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Artwork by Unknown
Golden Apple Tree
Rarity: Wondrous
Type Of Plant: Magical Fruit Tree
Primary Uses: Extremely Poisonous
Region: Ley line wellsprings


When apple trees specifically are planted upon the wellsprings of ley lines, they will eventually begin to produce golden apples, rather than their normal fruits. The extreme magical energies have the unfortunate side-effect of causing the apples to become ultra-poisonous, and take on a metallic golden sheen on the outside. Eating a golden apple raw is extremely likely to cause very rapid death involving a massive seizure as the poison melts the unfortunate victim's nervous system.


Golden apples, as one might expect, are bright, metallic and golden, capturing the eye of many an unfortunate traveler. They look exceptionally crisp and delicious, and because of their rarity, most people never encounter them, or have any reason to suspect that they might, in fact, be a hideously deadly poison.


The buds of a golden apple tree are a friendly, sunny yellow color.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

There is very little difference in this tree's activity, from the dead of night to the dead of winter. Every five years or so it will drop its apples in the dead of night and grow new ones, but for the vast majority of its life the apples merely hang onto the tree. It is said that these apples, referred to sometimes as "midnight" or "witch's" golden apples, are somehow even more poisonous.


There is essentially no usage for golden apples beyond making poisons which work in different manners. Nonetheless, this is more than enough usage to see them being desired the world around for this property. When one wants someone poisoned, there is no better alternative than a poison created with a Golden Apple.


Planting and growing golden apples is as simple as finding a ley line wellspring in a place where your apple tree will grow, and planting it. They grow almost exactly like apple trees, with the exception of growing faster. Density
Though you can plant these in the same way you can plant an apple orchard, they grow to be somewhat larger, requiring about five meters between every tree for them to grow to full size.

Growth Rate
Golden Apple trees grow 40% faster than their normal cousins.