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Artwork by Unknown
Rarity: Uncommon
Color: Gold
Primary Use: Jewelry and Currency


Since taking over the monopoly of currency production, Gold has become a highly sought after material for nations minting their own currency. With this new addition, Gold’s previously ornamental use has risen to new heights as the material’s cost has increased. Though capable of being crafted into weaponry and armor, the metal provides only minimal damage and protection, causing most to use it only for its value.


With a rather low melting point (1948F, 1064C) and a tensile strength (120MPa) weaker than silver, gold’s ability to be both forged by hand and by mold made it the perfect precious metal to circulate the realm in the form of currency. In small quantities ,such as coins or bars, gold is capable of holding its shape rather well, yet is quick to bend, dent, or break in weaponry and armor.

General Use

What every day or industrial uses does it have?


Becoming a universal standard, currency made of gold has bested its previous regional competitors, now being the only form of monetary payment accepted internationally.

Weaponry and Armor

Gold weaponry and armor both are close to useless in combat due to their structural instability. Against materials such as iron or steel, gold would quickly dullen or break, rendering it, regardless of form, useless. Proving to provide no benefits to combat, gold weaponry and armor are still crafted for ceremonial use and symbols of status. Sets of golden armor adorned in various gems and swords of solid gold are commonly seen within the treasuries of those in positions of power, typically used to flaunt said power and/or wealth.


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