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Artwork by Unknown
Domain(s): Magic, Curiosity
Symbols: Staves, Stylized Drop of Blue Blood
Followers: Glubokiy, Truthseekers
Other Names: The Seeker

Glubokiy is the deific progenitor of the Deep Drachev, though he did not spawn the Deep Drachev out of love, but rather out of curiosity, more or less by accident, much like how he ended up in the Underdeep to begin with. Curiosity almost defines Glubokiy, a sharp contrast with his people, who have grown significantly more paranoid than their progenitor in the meantime.


Glubokiy has influence over a myriad of Truths, but not over many less esoteric things.


Glubokiy is known to possess many varied, powerful magics, though he is not known to help anyone, including his own people, except on the rare occasion of teaching them more Truths.


Glubokiy is not known to craft items, though occasionally he will hand out a walking stick to a follower he crosses paths with. These walking sticks, although nonmagical, never rot, and make a quite pleasing click when rapped on the ground, being an ideal tool to tap Glubokiy's devotion song on the stone.


Very little is known about Glubokiy himself, except that he's an intensely curious sort. People have no idea where he resides, or where he currently is, and he makes no efforts to announce his comings or goings. Frequently he even disguises himself, though never as a non-Glubokiy, and he always seems to show up at the strangest times. There are a good 15% of his mortal kin that absolutely despise him, because he also makes no real concerted effort to attempt to help the Glubokiy survive, only showing up on extremely rare occasions when he's truly needed. Some argue that he surely only shows up when he is really truly needed, and since the Glubokiy never went extinct, surely he showed up when it was necessary. Either way, he is an extremely mysterious sort.