Gill Kelp

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Gill Kelp
Rarity: Uncommon
Type Of Plant: Algae
Primary Uses: Eating
Region: Underwater near the edge of the continental shelf


Gill Kelp is a large green algae that lives in deeper waters close to the edge of the continental shelf. They grow in dense groupings much like kelp forests. However, they are far denser and less habitable than a standard Kelp forest.


Gill Kelp is a dark, slimy-looking green, the newer buds or growths are lighter than the old ones.


Gill Kelp, being an underwater Algae, does not flower.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

Being an underwater plant, Gill Kelp has no change depending on the time of day.


Gill Kelp's key feature is its supernatural ability to give whoever eats it temporary gills to briefly breathe underwater. This is dependant on the age of the Gill Kelp, the youngest Gill Kelp, when it is light green in color, is going to cause the longest-lasting effect at ten rounds of movement - Or just under a minute. The older dark green Gill Kelp is half of that at five rounds or just under half a minute.


Gill Kelp is grown by severing a piece of it and placing it in deep nutrient-rich water, they have no need to root, however pinning it to the seafloor is the most effective method to get it to grow.

Gill Kelp is incredibly dense, even more so than regular kelp. When underwater, swimming into a patch can end with you getting wrapped up and tangled.

Growth Rate
Gill Kelp grows at a similar rate to standard Kelp, in a good environment, Gill Kelp can grow anywhere between three to five inches each phase.