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Artwork by Unknown
Jeweler's Loupe
Tools: Loupe, Jeweler's Knife, Grindstone
Workshop: Jeweler
Titles: Lapidarist, Gemcutter, Jeweler

Gemcutting is the art of determining the value of a raw stone, cutting that stone into a pleasing shape, and setting the finished gem into pieces of jewelry. They are also responsible for grinding gemstones into the dust which is frequently used for enchanting. Like all other crafts, gemcutters can create tools specifically one quality level higher than their tools or skill would imply.

Primary Uses

Gemcutting is almost always used for creating simple jewelry, or placing decorative gemstones into just about anything. It is also used for powdering gems, and the quality of a cut or grind causes the gem to be significantly better or worse off at carrying enchants.


The tools of the gemcutter's trade are a loupe, essentially a set of high-quality magnifying lenses, a set of tools created by a gemcutter. Beyond the loupe, a gemcutter uses both a grinding wheel and a gemcutter's knife, both of which are created by blacksmiths. You may only craft items up to the quality of your tools, also limited by your skill, see below.


Gemcutting only requires strong lighting to work, and not much else. Generally speaking, gemcutters like to make their products inside regardless of what they need.


Gemcutting is a set of three very different practices, appraisal, the art of determining something's value, lapidary, the art of actually cutting and grinding precious stones, and finally gemsetting, the act of placing gems into gear.

  • Appraisal: Appraisal is a deceptively simple act, requiring one to carefully inspect a gem.

Story Beats
1. The first step to appraising any stone is cleaning it off, carefully, so that you can see every side of the it.
2. Secondly, one must carefully note and mark all of its essential features over the course of several hours.
3. After these features are noted, you can accurately gauge the quality and aura of the gemstone.

  • Lapidary: The art of cutting a stone is a laborious process, requiring one to have first appraised the stone to determine the proper way to cut the gem to reveal its best faces.

Story Beats
1. The first step in cutting a stone is always appraising it. If you do not do this, you will ruin your gemstone.
2. After appraisal, you must take the gem to a grindstone and grind the waste off the stone, making large cuts with the foot-powered device. Generally this process takes less than an hour.
3. Once the large cuts are done, you must take your jeweler's knife to the stone, making finer adjustments after the rough cuts are done. This last part is typically the most laborious and lengthy process, taking several hours.
4. The very last step in cutting a gem is to polish it and put it somewhere safe.

  • Gemsetting: Gemsetting is when you put a gem into a prepared piece of gear. Whether this is a ring made by a smith, a belt made by a tailor, or a focusing gem for an array, properly setting a gem so that it is permanently affixed is done through this method.

Story Beats
1. First, you must appraise the item which you are going to set a gem into, following the method for appraisal above.
2. After a successful appraisal, you must cut your gem for the slot using the lapidary method above.
3. Finally, after successfully cutting your gem for purpose, you simply pop the gem in, or use a tiny spot of glue to stick it in the socket.

Skill Levels

Note that the quality of an item you can make is ALWAYS limited by the level of your tools in addition to your skill level! The only exception is in creating tools, which you can create at one level higher!

  • Novice Gemcutter: A Novice gemcutter may receive 75 tokens a week. The maximum rarity of item they can use is Rare, and they can only create adept quality stones.

  • Apprentice Gemcutter: Apprentice gemcutters may receive 150 tokens per week and cut stones up to moderate quality.

  • Adept Gemcutter: Those who have reached the rank of Adept in gemcutting can get 225 tokens a week, and the maximum rarity they can use is wondrous. Adept gemcutters can create up to fine quality stones.

  • Journeyman Gemcutter: Gemcutters who have learned their trade well enough to be considered journeyman can receive 300 tokens a week, and they can create up to Artisan quality cuts.

  • Master Gemcutter: Master gemcutters, at the peak of their craft, can get 400 tokens a week, and use up to mythical materials. Master gemcutters may create mastercraft stones.


There are not any known gemcrafting artifacts on Anoma, and the rugged survival aspect means it will likely be some time before gemcutting creates any artifacts of note.

Other Professions

Gemcutters are needed to create focusing crystals for alchemists.