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Artwork by Unknown
Domain(s): Aurora Borealis, Good-Will
Symbols: An Aurora Borealis
Followers: N/A
Other Names: The Morningstar, Aurora, Spirit Lord

Primary Author(s): Severus__Snape

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

“To those who follow the light in the darkness, hope will come” - Unknown figures.


Gedith had influence over illuminating the night skies with wild colors, often found leading others by their hope to find what they seek, not what they want. She was known as the Dragon of Civilization to some, or the Dragon of Virtue. Gedith also had access to the realm of the spirits, often bringing mortals and spirits to cross-between through the night to have new ventures of passage and hope.


Sending across lights upon the night sky to show others what they hope to seek and find and opening passageways to the realm of spirits to welcome others to either realm.


No artifacts are known to exist from Gedith. If ones were to exist, they would most certainly be hoarded by Covrudurth.


Gedith, The Slain. Gedith was once a true dragon before her demise, and she was one of the kindest and friendliest of dragons to exist, unable to see deceit or judgement of others. She only would lead them, including her other true dragons, passage and hope they find what they sought despite good or bad intentions. Although separate from most the other dragons, Gedith didn’t ask anything from anyone, so she couldn’t be called upon but found assisting others, some not even knowing they were being helped passage to their hope. She never needed to ask questions though, seemingly her intervention could only ever do good, with immaculate perfection. Under her care, it is said, the plane prospered.

On one faithful millennium two true dragons crossed, Covrudurth and Gedith met and formed a bond between each other, the dragon of death and the dragon of passage found a semblance of their power and worked together to guide mortals that have died peacefully to the realm of spirits and once per season opened a passageway for mortals or spirits to cross so loved ones or others might find hope if they ever got lost, seeing them again. It was a strange relationship, a show of love unknown to the jaded and serious followers of the Deathly Chill, but to the worshippers of Gedith, it was completely reasonable. Their deity had fallen deeply in love, somehow, to the most capricious of dragons. It was absurd to think Gedith would ever mislead anyone, and so when she told the world that she and the icy dragon were to be one, who was to argue? However, this would not last long.

Grytuss roared throughout the entirety of Gaia, bringing forth him a sensation of absolute doomsday. Lacerta, Ceithus, and Xulzraiss immediately intervened as to try and stop the possible unraveling of the Prime Materia, Lacerta calling on Gedith for aid. Due to Gedith's virtue, the True Dragon would not decline, despite Covrudurth's urging, and with her entrance into the battle so too did Corvudurth offer forth help as to try and ensure the protection of his love. Despite his efforts, the Mad Dragon Grytuss struck down the most beloved of all dragons, as he entered Gaia, and nearly killed Lacerta, Ceithus, and Covrudurth. It was only through the efforts of Xulxraiss that defeated Grytuss, but it is clear, with the prevalence of Mist Men, that his defeat was not permanent, and yet he had left the stain of death through the murder of The Morningstar.

An eclipse occurred, the first one on all of Gaia as Gedith fell, Covrudurth’s rage was sent straight throughout the entirity of Gaia, before taking the anger towards Lactera herself. Covrudurth blamed Lacerta for Gedith’s death and immediately entered battle with the Sun Dragon, their fight sending an eclipse over the land which lasted a series of eras. Only when the other true dragons stepped in to separate the pair is when the sun finally returned, Covrudurth taking the remaining body of Gedith, creating an area uninhabitable through his magic and resting with her by his side, the True Dragon of Death in that moment, changed into the True Dragon of Undeath in hope to bring his friend back, despite not having the power to do so.

Even in Gedith’s death, her symbols can still be found within the Tundra across almost every night sky, an Aurora Borealis can be seen. A symbol to her influence still on the land, even if she is called during an event, she cannot answer. It is that those whom show deceit while under the Borealis feel the rage of Covrudurth as he smites those under the colorful lights. Her demise marked the change of Covrudurth's title to the Dragon of Undeath, The Bitter Cold.