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Artwork by Alice Shawty
An Uncut Garnet Gemstone
Rarity: Rare
Color: Deep Red
Primary Use: Health and Blood Enchantments


Garnet is a rare gemstone, generally deep red in color, with most of them being tiny clusters of crystals. Large crystals are far more valuable, as a complete crystal is more aesthetically pleasing, though it is no more capable of carrying enchantments.


Generally speaking, when a gem is used for enchantments, it is either embedded into the metal of the weapon while it cools, or crushed into a fine powder and incorporated into the metal itself as it is forged.

General Use

Garnet is valued for its properties for enchantment, and the complete, large stones are valued for being exceedingly rare for those seeking to display their wealth. While it is merely a symbol of wealth in terms of jewelry, when used by an enchanter, they are good for storing enchantments which increase the health of the user, or occasionally with stealing the health of others.

Weaponry and Armor

When used in weaponry, garnet typically is used for enchantments which steal the health of their victims and transfer it to their wielders. Armor enchantments typically make people heal faster, or make them more capable of taking wounds and carrying on.


There are no garnet Artifacts on Anoma, perhaps you can change this.
The most famous artifact including garnet in the old world is an axe by the name of "Blood-Drinker," which has been passed down through the Tereides Rehk dynasty for six generations now. It is said that a cut from the axe never stops bleeding, and the wielder slowly gains the strength of any foe he has wounded. This has led to six extremely powerful, and surprisingly long-lived God-Kings in the Tereides line.