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Artwork by Irenhorror
Domain(s): Motherhood / Fertility / Growth
Symbols: Sun / Wheat / Sunflowers
Followers: Parents, Chefs, Teachers, Homemakers
Other Names: The Sun Mother / The Shining Lady

Freamh is the goddess of natural growth, fertility and motherhood.. She is worshipped primarily by Spring Elves. Parents, youths, teachers, and homemakers all pray to her for protection and guidance, though all Ue Il’ha are her children. Freamh is often depicted as a curvy redheaded beautiful woman wrapped in sunlight. She is often accompanied by a sense of warmth.


Freamh holds influences over fertility, protection (especially of the young or weak), and matters of the home. She brings luck to those starting a new journey or beginning their life, and wisdom to those who aid them. Chefs and homemakers pray to her for the good of their meals, and teachers for the good of their students. Those who seek to harm children or disrupt a peaceful home will incur in her wrath, and terrible famine and danger are sure to follow them.


Freamh has the power to bring life and bountiful harvests, and to restore life naturally, without bringing harm to the soul. Though she is naturally one of the kindest gods, she is capable of bringing incredible rage and punishment down on those who anger her by harming children.


Freamh occasionally walks Gaia to this day, helping lost children find their way home, and imbuing mundane objects with her influence to help her people. Most of Freamh's artifacts are externally plain-looking, and primarily focus around home goods or carved wooden or stone talismans.


The maker watched upon the creation of the first elves by the hands of his brothers and sisters. Pawns created for the sake of their own interests. Creatures filled with will to protect only their own domains. A whiff of inspiration filled the old god as he pulled the essence of both Gaia and the spring court together, mixing them with expertise and determination. Out of this brew, three first elves were created, equal and balanced between themselves. Two sisters to run the natural cycle, a brother to keep it balanced. Freamh was created to bring warmth and fertility into the Gaian chaos. The young goddess spent her first breath to infuse the chaotic lands of Gaia with life. Her blessing spread quickly to every infertile soil, creating exotic and verdant paradises. Considered the mother figure of the Ue Il’ha, she watches over them like a protective mother, guiding their steps and blessing their land with bountiful crops.”