Flamespout Alemnetry

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Flamespout Alemnetry


Typically born of raging infernos above the wellsprings of ley lines, Fire Alemnetries appear as small whirlwinds of flame, about two meters tall. Hunger defines the existence of a Fire Alemnetry, which will constantly seek out new forms of fuel to burn in its conquest to reduce everything to its carbon. They burn hot, like a forge fire, and are extremely difficult to harm, with the exception of their glowing, white-hot heart, like a ruby a foot in diameter held suspended by the burning, twisting winds of their body. Removing this heart will instantly dissipate the elemental, but doing such requires one to plunge bodily into the heart of the raging inferno. After the Alemnetry has dissipated, the stone will immediately cool, though only to a degree, and its heat can be stoked like a forge’s coals can. Additionally, staring into the flickering lights at the center of the huge ruby can eventually impart the Truth of fires onto the observer, making them supremely valuable, both to blacksmiths, who prize them for their forging properties, but also to any who would seek to master Truths.

Anywhere, though almost always nearby something burning, or heading towards something to burn.

Wantonly destructive

Danger Level

Extremely hot and fast, hard to physically damage.

Instantly killed by removing its heart.

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