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Artwork by oncewed
Rarity: Rare
Color: Shiny, Scarlet
Primary Use: Fire Enchantments, Gun Wicks


Firetwine is a deep red cloth which always maintains a little bit of warmth. It is gathered from monstrous flame spiders, denizens of the burning parts of the elemental planes. While these creatures are naturally extremely rare, being extraplanar, several people in the old world have created habitats and captured several of the incendiary arachnids, allowing them to have decent access to the stuff.


Firetwine can only be woven into clothing several months after it has been gathered, as before this point it is too hot to touch. Other than this, it is very much like working with normal silk strands. The weaver must be careful to not strike the fabric, however, as this causes it to spew sparks.

Use and Effects

Firetwine is very frequently used for clothing for magic users who favor fire, as it can be enchanted to help these effects very easily. Further, arrowheads wrapped in the stuff spew sparks when they strike, making them decent incendiary devices, and the most wealthy of gunsmiths sometimes make specialized matchlocks which use this cloth as their match, and effectively taking one point of failure out of the weapons, as no matter how wet the cloth is, it always has this quality. In addition, when one uses Truths of fire while wearing a garment made of firetwine, they are 20% stronger.


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