Feverfire Phoenix

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Feverfire Phoenix


Equally as rare as destruction phoenixes, these phoenixes appear to be hideously diseased specimens of the eagles their kind always takes after. Those feathers they still have tend to be a jaundiced yellow, while the exposed, pitted and poxed skin appears to be a filthy, pale green. Their sores constantly ooze diseased fluids, and they can be smelled from a great distance. Their presence in a place spells disaster almost as surely as the Great Black Wing itself, because the animals carry possibly hundreds of virulent diseases. One of these things flying over a town can spell doom for the place, or even for the nation, as they drop plagues on the unfortunate people below. It is said that many millenia ago they were far more common, until the people of the world banded together to hunt them to extinction, after which there were several hundred years without a single one being sighted. Though people thought they were all gone during this period, that illusion was shattered at the sight of one flying over a small Rehk kingdom, its hideous plagues destroying the kingdom and creating a pandemic over the entirety of Rehkara for decades. The thing was never found, and occasionally one of them will be seen again, leading many to speculate that there are more, somewhere in the world.

Extremely rare, generally will go towards more populated areas.

Generally avoids conflict, attempting to simply make flyovers of areas to spread their plagues.

Danger Level

Deadly plagues, fast

Very physically weak