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Artwork by Unknown
A Fel-Slinging Halfblood
Rarity: Rare
Danger Level: Medium

Primary Author(s): Mystery, Twi, Pup

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

"In my blathering rage, I succumbed to the boon amongst my arm... only to awaken to a fire blasting amongst the entire forest in which I presided. Blue Flames rolling across the entire landscape as the cries of the world writhed in sorrow."

- Zlandr, The Great Arsonist



At the dawn of time, when the Great Drake smashed together his hammer amongst the anvil of The World Tree, sparks flared throughout the illimitable cosmos. Being a Primordial Entity with the posit as to ascertain order and structure across the multiple planes he engendered, this rippling force which emanated from Naezeiros seemed to surprise him. The Celestial Conclave was created, and alongside this burning flame, the Steppes came into being as well. The scourges of pristine evil surged amongst the many different Steppes as pristine unrelenting chaos pounded along the war-torn dimension of absolute rapture.

However, not all the Infernal Princes were made categorically for the damnation of the Steppes. Before the times that we all know, there used to once live beings designated plainly as 'The Titans'. Creatures of unimaginable wit, vigor, puissance, and deific prowess. There lived an entire array of this legendary species, however, their purport and exact inception seem to have been a story lost to time. Aggromaraphar, originally named Pharma, was one such of these beings. Enlightened and ever steady in his subsistence, this Titan held the sparks of the World Forge deep within his very soul when first made. Despite his orders, a deep ire always held firm right within the Titan's heart, for, amongst the people who revered him and the control kept upon him, he believed his race to be the true leaders.

However, despite the ingrained sense of righteous fury which held deep within Pharma’s soul, he never could truly understand the exponential leagues upon magnitude which the universe could crash down upon him.

An air enriched of pride, began the seeds of one’s fate.

Pharma led a revolution, the first to rebel amongst the confines in which he believed to be fair. Whether this was for a just cause or due to his burning hatred in his soul, the specifics remain unknown for the eons after such. However, Pharma’s regime alongside his peers and allies ultimately led him down a path of unbridled war and deceit, where the very pillars of Titan culture and influence turncoat upon themselves in a fantastical display of raw enforcement. Nearly every Titan was slain, however, Pharma was spared for one express purpose. Retribution from his very creator, the powers of The Deceiving Titan were harshly stripped away as the being was chained amongst the center of the most secure Stronghold in the depths of the nether.

Shedding his name and orderly coil, Pharma became Aggromaraphar, the Bloodburnt Titan. His skin melted from burns into a sickly tinged red, and the corruption of the Steppes slowly forged him into by far one of the most powerful Daemonic Prince within its confines. This rage built up within the newly transmuted demon into a welling ball of rage. In a burning cry, the Primordial Flame within the Titan burst into a blistering inferno. True Flame surged across the entire Steppe in which Aggromaraphar was housed, killing all who lived amongst it instantly. His reign and terror singed into the mind of even the most gruesome Daemonic Overlords.

The sickening ire of one’s rage is a motivation akin to pure justified virtue and grit for the sake of their vengeance.

Trapped due to his bounds, Aggromaraphar is confined to this very day. Said to be a creature who could bring forth destruction in apocalyptic bounds if ever released to any of the major planes, The Betrayer’s influence carries like a forest fire to the vengeful and psychotic of existence. His Primordial Flame burns true, and like a wicked beacon of hope, it calls out to grasp at those who feel their self-constraint slip away from their consciousness. Giving forth that level of wrath to that of the corrupted who can handle such, The Titan merely sits in wait. Infernally tortured due to the restraints which pull and tear at his very existence, no matter how many eons of immeasurable visceral plight are struck among the entity he merely grits his teeth and waits in pure indignation. The only minds spreading his influence being that of the Withered, Incinerator Daemons, and all Fel-Slingers who call upon him.

Locked away for a possible infinite existence, the Titan is stuck with nothing but time. Moments and time as to meticulously plot justified revenge.

The Flames of Aggromaraphar

A mostly unknown facet of existence lies in the simple history that Aggromaraphar was not always a Daemonic Entity, sprung forth from the bellowing underbelly of the Steppes. No, Aggromaraphar, as his title suggests was once a Titan. The stories of Titans have since been lost to time via the multiple experiments and meddling hands of the Taliurdian race- however, one general facet was that these beasts held divine power in their grasps. Capable of both creation and destruction on a level nigh stronger than that of the 7 Mortal Gods, Aggromaraphar’s story left him chained to one of the Steppes in the Daemonic Plane, where despite his imprisoned state the Divine Beast’s influence spread across his Steppe in a blasting display of sheer ire and rage.

The heart of this power lays within the Titan’s soul. Forged by the tools of Naezeiros the Great Drake, the sparks of his work alight the very power inside Aggromaraphar. These sparks were coined the name ‘The Primordial Flames’ and are considered to be symbolic of the destructive prowess which The Creator of the planes held within his deck of influence. This pure enlightened fire holds a heavily condensed saturation of cataclysmic energy in its bounds, allowing the destruction of most all creations in the known existence, and this very eternal source of eradicative energy was the framework of the Divine Titan’s soul. Through corruptive influence, an unbridled range of betrayal, and assistance from the Elemental Lord of Flame, many different levels of fire spread amongst the planes.

- Primordial Flame as explained above is the most unbridled of all fires, birthed from the forge of the Great Drake it contains absolute power of calamitous magnitude. This fire often takes the form of a vibrant multi-colored flashing origin, before practically erasing whatever comes even near in contact to its benevolent form. The only three non-primordial beings who have the knowledge and might to use Primordial Flame are Ralios, Ceithus, and Aggromaraphar.

- Vrai Flame, also coined as True Flame, is often considered to be the first form of exothermic energy given off by Primordial Fire. Whilst still being a sheer form of deific energy which many divines have mastered, a single spark of True Flame is often considered powerful enough to rend and set an entire landmass ablaze in a burning fire. Vrai Flame is considered a generative power which expels nothing but a combustive force throughout its surroundings in a rush of dominance. This flame expels a pure, blistering white.

- Fel Flame, also known as False Flame, is considered a level between True Flame and regular fire in which daemonic energy is able to corrupt and change into a form befitting the beasts of hell whilst still keeping some of the prowess of True Flame. Due to expertise and knowledge passed down and circled amongst the more sentient forms of Demonic entities from Greater Demons, many of the denizens of the Steppes have gained knowledge of this Truth amongst the eons in the pits of this underworld. Fel Flame gives off a distinct aquamarine color.

- Regular Flame is the simplified and final form of regular, physics abiding fire. Diluted of magical prowess stemming from its Primordial origin, fire is known by all in the world. An example and byproduct of simple exothermic transfer of heat, it is understood and able to be struck by any within the vast planes of the world.

As a note, there may exist different aesthetics and outlooks of what appears to be fire. For example, many Witches and Warlocks stemming from the Mortal Gods often exude either a pitch-black plume of a burning flame or purple concussive energy which sticks to one and burns one all the way to their very soul. However, these are not considered to have originated from the Primordial Dream, they simply magically enhanced variations of fire- often experimented with by the many various deities who use such as a vessel.



The Titan's Subjugation

Hundreds of thousands of demonic entities pull from Aggromaraphar daily to attain his influence over Fel-Flame, however, the ability to Fel Sling is not without its price. The magic is considered a privilege by that of the Higher Daemonic Princes, and as such, they call for the many beings of the Planes to set forth and act in their stead as to expand influence. The Bloodburnt Titan usually requires an intensive right of passage to that of regular blooded in order to originally gain their connection to the Primordial Flame which lingers in his soul, however, Withered have always held an innate ability to channel this intensive power from that of birth, as they are born with a Sigil of Wrath.

Scholars often theorize why this is, however with the exact origin or even the total purpose of Withered understood, it leaves many stumped. One common belief, however, lies in that alike Daemonic Corruption, the Primordial Flame constantly looks for vessels to bring forth its influence to. Randomly grasping and asserting the sickening blight upon children in the womb, this is said to be the help Aggromaraphar slowly ascertained an army from the Prime Materia and other such planes for the day when he may free himself from his bonds. Despite the theories, however, the simple fact lies in that Withered control this ability of Fel-Flame manipulation since birth, and regular Gaians do not.


- From the moment a Withered CA is accepted, they begin to slowly climb the levels of the Fel-Flame truth. After 6 months of having an accepted app, they are considered a Master at Fel manipulation.

- Withered are able to teach other Blooded how to use Fel-Flame, however, it requires the Withered bringing their student through some form of Trial to ascertain a Sigil of Wrath to become connected with one of the Primordial Plane. (This is currently not implemented, but will be in the future.)

- It is to be noted that Withered at lower tiers have much less overall control of Fel-Flame and often commit random acts of arson or friendly fire. If suffering from nightmares they might find themselves casting amidst their slumber and burning several things. This is not something that fades, but as the Withered masters Fel-Flame this happening lessens.

- This Truth is not self-teachable, and throughout the Beta of Lost Fables, it is not able to be taught.


The Titan’s Concord

In order to attempt and strengthen the connection between a Fel Slinger and a Titan, a more private ritual is done in the proximity of an altar to Aggromaraphar. Those who set upon this Concord are able to attain an extra 10 base Essence to their Essence level. As such, a Rank 4 Fel Slinger could have 25 + 10 Essence, aka 35 maximum Essence.

In order to begin this deal, braziers alit with Fel-Flame are put in the corners of a stone table and the user recites a prayer above a live subject, before ripping open their chest and pulling out their heart; sacrificing the very soul of the subject to Aggromaraphar. Seemingly accepting the sacrifice, Aggromaraphar bestows a new type of sigil onto the user, known as the Sigil of Flame.

After having completed such a ritual, the base temperature of the Fel-Slinger would rise to double its temperature. Their mental state would feel as though it were slipping from them, as their mind goes maddening with the constant cries of war from that of the Bloodburnt Titan. As such, a perpetual state of blathering rage reels along with them wherever they go. In addition to this, the one boon that those who partake in this ritual obtain, apart from the truth of fel flame, is that their age is reset to the cusp of adulthood if they’ve already reached beyond such.


- The Ritual may only be done once and can never be undone.

- A Fel Slinger having completed this ritual is no longer capable of coherent healthy relations, and will always feel a blathering sense of ire at all times. The smallest things can set them off into a complete blood rage, and they cannot tell the difference between a sarcastic jest and that of a personal attack.

- The ritual requires a proper MC build for the Altar to Aggromaraphar, Fel Braziers, and Stone Table.

- Attempts to loophole this ritual via employing friends to make throwaway characters just for the sake of killing them in this sacrifice could lead to MA removal and possible blacklisting.

-You must have a Sigil of Wrath or be a Withered to go through this ritual. There is a different ritual for creating a Slinger while this ritual only improves upon an already existing Fel Slinger.

The Blood Of The Wicked

Upon first receiving the Sigil of Wrath, one’s physiology becomes immediately alike that of a Withered. All Fel Slingers are required to have this boiling blood, for otherwise, their very body would be unable to expend any form of Fel-Flame without melting their own body into a sickly puddle of viscera and gore. With a consistently burning body, the ichor of these wicked beasts leads to an array of natural crippling effects upon the body of the soul. The following applies to both Withered, and whoever ascertains a Wrath Sigil.


- One’s body is withered and weak, being about 20% less strong than an average member of their species.

- They are not subject to damage from fire or ambient heat up to nearly 1500 degrees celsius, and they cannot catch any disease, magical or otherwise.

- Their blood is always boiling hot, at about 260 degrees, though it will not boil away into vapor. Your flesh itself is about 100 degrees, hot enough to hurt and be extremely surprising, but not hot enough to actually harm someone who touches you. This temperature is doubled if you undergo The Titan’s Concord, up to 520 internally and 200 degrees on the skin.

- Any non-withered who partake in the ritual to gain the Sigil of Wrath will also gain their advanced aging, meaning that they will reach adulthood, middle-age, and elderhood 70% faster (rounded up) than their base race. Additionally, regardless of whatever sort of immortality their base race may have, any who bear the Sigil of Wrath will die 2 ages after they reach elderhood. The one upside to this is that those who participate in the ritual have their age reset to the first year of Adulthood, although they will not stay young for long.

- All regular Withered racial ability redlines.


However, the expenditure of both Essence and Fel-Flame is not a simple transfer of magical energy. The vessel for which one conjures this flame pools at the very energy within one’s veins, and bursts out the chaotic fire in a sudden blasting inferno. This can lead to a wide assortment of unforeseen effects for the Fel Slinger upon their physiology and mental state. Calling upon The Bloodburnt Titan is no easy transfer, and leads to the flesh and blood within a Fel Slinger to rise higher and higher. This surpassing of the Blooded’s homeostasis leads to quite the array of handicaps the more Essence than they expend.

Upon expending 5 Essence within 24 IRL hours, the Fel Slinger would begin to feel their blood rapidly rise in temperature. Breathing would begin to get a tad shaky and nervous twitches and other simple obsessive habits would prop up, uncontrollable to resist.

Upon expending 10 Essence within 24 IRL hours, the Fel Slinger’s body would begin to exude bellowing steam, as their own form of sweat. This aura would feel like a sauna to any immediately in proximity of the Fel Slinger. Maddening chants would resound throughout the Slinger’s mind, calling for them to take action and spread forth their flames in a display of pure chaos. However, at this stage, it is able to be resisted albeit quite maddening.

Upon expending 15 Essence within 24 IRL hours, the casting Slinger’s body would feel heavy. A form of overheating for the Fel Slinger as within one quick motion their movement speed would be halved. The feat of breathing would feel as though they are hyperventilating, and the drums of war would pound throughout Fel Slinger's mind. It is by this point that a blistering and boiling rage would begin to sweep throughout the Slinger’s mind as if calling for blood. Aggromarphar’s influence creaking and attempting to assert pure ire into that of the Slinger’s mind.

Upon expending 20 Essence within 24 IRL hours, the Fel Slinger’s free will would be battered. Boils would roll across the skin of the Fel Slinger as suddenly they are flung into a full-on daemonic rage. Sight would become foggy as the creation would feel as though a rabid starving wolf wanting to burn the world about them. A Slinger in this state would feel compelled to use up the remainder of their Essence and will attack the closest being to them with the intent to kill. However, due to the sheer virtuous anger this stage of a Fel Slinger’s exhaustion only lasts 6 emotes. After such the Fel Slinger will fall over, unconscious, for 2 IRL days.

Fel Flame Properties

As explained previously, Fel-Flame is a toned-down form of True Fire, which has been corrupted in such a way over time that the Daemonic Scourges have been able to naturally use such magical thermal energy without much tire via pulling from the ever-present influence of Aggromaraphar. The light blue blob of nearly incorporeal fire is in most physical ways the exact same as the regular blue fire in terms of how it spreads, however, differs in a few noteworthy instances.

- Fel-Flame is such an intensity in heat, that it could burn through rock, steel, and dirt in a matter of a few seconds. It burns at roughly 1100c, but in a very calm place with great attention it may burn at temperatures up to ~1500c. [It may only burn this hot when not in combat, otherwise it is 1100c. The reason is for uses in crafting and forging, nothing more.]

- When Fel-Flame burns something such as the earth, rocks or metals it does not leave regular scorch marks; it leaves a disgusting warped color akin to light purples or blues and consists of demonic scripture; swirling. If on the flesh this lasts for but 1 OOC day before the burnt skin is left red, scorched, burnt, and warped.

- Fel-Flame is capable of burning Demonkin and other greater Daemonic entities in the same vein as normal fire. Withered and Fel Slingers, are not affected by Fel-Flame in the slightest for they require it to survive.

- Fel-Flame cannot be doused out with water. The only way to get rid of the flame is to either somehow suffocate it, magically dispel it, or wait for it to die out after a narrative hour has passed.

- Fel-Flame does not spread readily. Once flung by a Fel Slinger, the blue flames do not spread even if on easily burning material such as fire starter. Instead, the heat given off from the blue-flames often erupts into a wave of non-magical blazes to spread across the land from the origin of the Fel-Flame. If Fel-Flame were to make contact with a highly flammable material or liquid (such as pure ethyl alcohol or a molotov), then it would rather quickly combust into a faster wave of typical flame.

- Fel-Flame can only be learned by blooded, those who have obtained the sigil of wrath, or those heavily influenced by daemonic corruption in another form.

- Fel-Flame does not go out if it sits atop of corrupted land or soil; however if this soil is in an environment where fire cannot readily live (such as a tundra or somewhere with incredible winds), then it will go out regardless of being on corrupted land after a narrative hour.

- The smoke and embers produced by Fel Flame rise in the form of demonic lettering and scripture, though it never produces a coherent word or sentence. It represents the chaos and destruction of Fel Flame.

- Fel-Flame holds enough power to severely effect True Ice when used outside of freezing environments. If in contact with two emotes the ice simply begins to melt at rapid speeds.

- Fel-Flame can be utilized in forging. When metal-based items are worked using Fel-Flame in one way or the other the metal utilized will pick an aqua-marine hue to it, most identifiable on mundane metals, the most prominent being steel in which it gains a prominent tint. However, this will not effect platinum as much, only granting the metal the faintest of hues that are noticeable only with extreme attention to the metal. Metals worked with Fel-Flame however will hold an obscure pattern, with wavy lines from the flames.


The Four Ranks

To judge the progression of a Fel-Flame Truthseeker, four Ranks are given in accordance with the base magic rules. Basic, Adept, Expert, and Master spellcasters. A Truthseeker must abide by their Rank for a minimum of Two Months, allowing them to become a Master Truthseeker at six. Each Rank achieved grants the Spellcaster access to a new list of spells:

Basic Spellcaster | 0 Months | 10 Essense At Maximum | Fel-Flame Freeform, Slinger’s Ball

Adept Spellcaster | 2 Months | 15 Essense At Maximum | Inferno Stream, Withered Trail

Expert Spellcaster | 4 Months | 20 Essense At Maximum | Adrenaline Surge, Flame Shroud

Master Spellcaster | 6 Months | 25 Essense At Maximum | Wicked Snare, Hellfire Dome, Pharma’s Rage

The only exception to maximum essence is if one has gone through The Titan’s Concord to gain another 10 maximum energy. Regardless of maximum energy, one may only learn the abilities given to their specific rank.


Magical Abilities

The Truth of Fel-Flame grants the user to use Fel-Flame. When cast, embers will begin to manifest from the forearm and drift toward the palm and fingertips. These embers are no ordinary embers as each individual one is in the shape or form of demonic lettering. They will manifest shortly after into an array of abilities. Each spell has a specific emoting counter which a Slinger must properly channel through before they can cast an ability. When channeling a slingers ability to move is reduced down to no more than 2 blocks per turn regardless of race. If they attempt to dodge or move suddenly for any reason they will lose all effort put into the spell and must start again from the beginning of casting. Should their spell be interrupted (before it is actually cast), then they keep the essence put into it; however if it was interrupted in the midst of casting then the spell ends and they do not keep any of the essence put into the spell.

[ Fel-Flame Freeform ]

Rank: 1 | Emotes: 2 | Essence: 0

Description: The most common way of starting fires and if cast with the intent to light a fire in corrupted lands it will not go out.

Mechanics: A Fel slinger may summon more amounts of Fel-Flame and it may be hotter under the circumstances that the slinger in question is not under the intense stress of combat or other stressful situations. Assuming this is true a Slinger may summon Fel-Flame up to the size of a massive forge once they have mastered their truth.

-A T1 Slinger may summon a candlelight sized flame that is easily capable of starting medium sized mundane fires. This flame lasts only mere seconds once summoned and is used to light fires, candles, and other easily lit material that isn’t dense.

-A T2 Slinger may summon a palm sized amount of fire that can be used to easily light large fires and can scorch and slightly heat up dense materials. This flame can last no longer than 5 narrative minutes once summoned.

-A T3 Slinger may summon a cubic meter of fire (1 MC block of fire) that may act as its own fuel and is very likely to catch any nearby material on fire if not properly guarded away from the Fel-Flame. This fire can last up to one narrative day on its own.

-A T4 Slinger may summon up to 5 cubic meters of fire (5 MC blocks of fire). This fire is easily enough to fuel a forge all on its own and can be used in forging metals and other materials; however it also can quickly spread and cause massive fires and easily burn down anything if not controlled correctly. This may last up to 3 narrative days before requiring to be summoned again.


- Fel-Flame freeform cannot be used for combat nor can it be used to initiate an attack or any sort of conflict. This means that you can use it for lighting fires in a firepit, fueling a forge without any actual fuel, and any other non-combat uses of fire.

- Extended use of freeform Fel Slinging often leads to issues of bi-polarism and hot flashes, especially at higher ranks. This occurs easily when one is trying to heat a forge on the Fel-Flame alone.

[ Slinger’s Ball ]

Rank: 1 | Emotes: 2 | Essence: 4

Description: The most basic of Fel-Flame weaponized is the fireball, a baseball-sized mass of flame that can be hurled towards an opponent or target.

Mechanics: Conjuring a ball of Fel-Flame that takes on the size of a baseball, this sphere of magical flame is the standard ability that those who understand the Fel-Flame Truth wield. It inflicts second, near third-degree burns when it comes into contact with the recipient of the spell. It does not, however, cause immediate death due to the burns lest it strikes a naked head (unarmored/unprotected), In which case, after 12 emotes without medical attention/treatment, they will perish.

Starting at the lowest of ranks Fel-Flame Balls travel up to 10 blocks, and for every rank above the distance increases by 5. Fel-Flame ball inflicts first degree burns to people in plate and second to those in non-metallic or chain armor. If they are struck in the same place by a second time their burn wounds will go up a tier. (i.e first to second). If they hit third degree burns and do not seek medical attention immediately after combat they will succumb to infections and perish.


- Fel-Flame balls are mostly incapable of starting fires where they land, however, they can cause small fires to start assuming they hit a very flammable material such as a molotov’s liquid or incredibly dry firestarter. Even in the case in which they do such, it would take approximately 5 narrative minutes to get near the size of a small fire.

- The flame when striking armor and entering gaps of metal-based ironclads will do 1st-degree burns beneath if it strikes non-metallic, chain, or the naked skin they inflict second-degree burns.

[ Inferno Stream ]

Rank: 2 | Emotes: 3 OR 4 | Essence: 8 OR 14

Description: A stream of Fel-Flame that if concentrated is maintained on a recipient it will prove deadly.

Mechanics: The Slinger must prepare over 3-4 emotes to summon Fel-Flame and proceeds to have a jet of Fel-Flame erupt from their hands, lasting up to three emotes on a focused area. This has a range of 8 blocks and can be cast for 2 emotes by default, covering a 2 block wide cone. When struck by Fel-Stream burn wounds start at first degree, and for every emote after that the recipient is in the fire, then the burn wounds increase. I.e on the second emote: second degree burns, on the third: third-degree burns. The Inferno Stream may be cast for an additional emote (3 emotes max) if one were to spend one extra emote preparing and expend 6 extra essence, but this can only be used at Tier 3 and above.


- Fel-Flame Stream may leave long purple and twisted burn marks and start very small fires on the outskirts of its effect, but neither of these will provide an advantage in CRP and are purely aesthetic.

- When cast at armour; the metal will severely heat up only after the first emote. This means that being in the stream for only one emote causes less issues to those in armor but if they were to remain in the stream of fire they would face much more severe problems after the first emote. On the second emote the armour would heat up incredibly quick and begin to meld to their flesh, causing immediate 2nd degree burns. If they happened to be in it for the third emote then they would face the metal melding onto their skin and third degree burns everywhere, leading to death.

- Fel-Flame Stream requires attention to cast and thus when casting the actual stream (third emote onwards) you cannot move at all. If you are attacked, attempt to dodge, or move suddenly your stream will halt and no essence will be returned.

[ Withered Trail ]

Rank: 2 | Emotes: 2+ | Essence: 10

Description: Summon forth a trail of Fel-Flame, wherever the caster moves the trail will remain burning in the ground left behind until the duration of the spell is over.

Mechanics: The Caster will spend 2 emotes preparing to cast, after those two emotes wherever the caster moves it will leave a trail of Fel-Flame. The Caster may leave flames behind them wherever they travel for three emotes and the whole trail itself lasts for four emotes before dissipating. Regardless of armour all will face second degree burns as soon as they enter the trail of Fel-Flame and their burns increase by one tier for every 2 emote after the first that they spend in the blaze of fire.


- Withered Trail cannot be cast on a mount that is not specifically blooded and able to tolerate Fel-Flame. Normal blooded mounts will not suffice. If tried the steed will set ablaze and literally die after several emotes; throwing the rider off.

- Withered Trail will not inflict first or third-degree burns, only second. Though if someone outright stands in the trail for more than 2 emotes they will suffer third-degree burns.

- Withered Trail will cause non-magical fire to spread rather quickly from the Fel-flame in which it is wrought from. This, at most, will cause the meter around the trail to be on fire by the end and no more.

[ Adrenaline Surge ]

Rank: 3 | Emotes: 3 | Essence: 12

Description: The Titan’s Rage burns within each casting of Fel Flame, able to be harnessed by those who know the Truth of Fel Flame, allowing them to increase the physical capabilities of themselves or others.

Mechanics: Over the course of 3 emotes, the Blood within a Fel Slinger slowly begins to boil, heavily circulating throughout that of the Blooded before then increasing the physical prowess amongst that of the caster. This amplifies the strength of the Fel Slinger, giving the caster strength akin to a regular Rehk-Ur for the subsequent 3 emotes.


- Demonkin do not gain any positive effects from this spell.

- After casting this spell, a Fel-Slinger cannot use any other ability for 24 hours.

[ Flame Shroud ]

Rank: 3 | Emotes: 3 | Essence: 20

Description: The Caster begins to call forward a manifestation of Fel-Flame, focused on their form an area will be enveloped in Fel-Flame.

Mechanics: A spell developed for a highly defensive move in terms of combat. Over the course of three emotes a Slinger focuses intently and begins to shroud themselves in Fel-Flame. Once the third emote is complete the following four emotes involve the caster being consumed in a blaze of fire that cannot stop projectiles but extends out one block in each direction from the caster. Once fully cast the slinger may move around freely as though they weren’t casting. Wherever the slinger walks it will burn and scorch the ground severely, leaving massive burn marks.


- This prevents the user from being able to ride mounts that are not able to resist Fel-Flame. Similar to what happens with Fel-Flame Trail.

- This ability can not be toggled off when desired, preventing even a helping hand assisting the Caster if ever required while the shroud is up.

- This Fel-Flame spell does not burn hot enough to defend them from physical or magical projectiles.

[ Wicked Snare ]

Rank: 4 | Emotes: 3 | Essence: 12

Description: The Caster places down a Runes upon the ground, anyone or anything that passes upon it will cause the stored Fel-Flame energy within the Rune to burst out, covering an area in Fel Flame in a flash.

Mechanics: A 1x1 or 2x2 area is marked out in Fel Runes, taking 3 emotes to set up and once the runes are laid out should anyone or anything come within a meter of the rune, then the trap will set ablaze for three emotes in a 3x3 area. It is impossible to attempt to hide the rune in any form, magical or otherwise. The rune itself burns at the maximum temperature of 1100c meaning that trying to cross it will give severe third burns if one were to attempt such.


- The caster can’t not prevent the rune from being triggered by certain people, friend, ally, enemy, or even themselves will trigger the Runes if they step within it after it is armed.

- The rune once placed can not be moved.

- This spell may not be cast in direct combat, only as a preemptive action.

- There must be a MC sign to mark out the snare as to ensure one is not tricked on an OOC level.

[ Hellfire Dome ]

Rank: 4 | Emotes: 5 | Essence: 22

Description: Surround an area in Fel-Flame to protect it from outsiders, it burns hot enough to melt most projectiles passing the swirling heat.

Mechanics: Over the course of 5 emotes a Fel Slinger may prepare a large area to be covered in a swirling mass of Fel-Flame. This fire extends out 5 blocks in every direction from the caster and burns at the height of Fel-Flames range. This is used primarily to melt projectiles that were to enter the area and causes most everything nearby to be set ablaze. Any flammable items inside would also be set ablaze and melted. The dome itself lasts for 5 emotes and does not require the concentration of the caster after it is cast. Anyone entering the dome will face immediate second degree burns followed by a degree up for every two emotes spent in the fire. If 5 total emotes are spent within the confines of the dome and the person in question has no resistance to fire they will certainly perish; following suit they will be nothing but a pile of ash by then.


- The dome remains stationary from the place it is cast and when the slinger is in preparation they may only minorly adjust their position by one block on the 5th emote of prep. Other than this they must stand still for all five emotes.

- Anything inside the dome will be incinerated that isn’t fireproof, extremely dense, or otherwise resistant to temperatures up to 1100C. This means that often the landscape will be set ablaze afterwards to some extent.

[ Pharma’s Rage ]

Rank: 4 | Emotes: 5 | Essence: 26

Description: The Caster begins to bring forth a storm of Fel-Flame Embers, requiring those under the Storm to seek cover lest the Embers burn them.

Mechanics: Considered the ultimate ability of a Fel Slinger, this ability requires immense concentration and practice to use. Over the course of 5 emotes a caster must stand completely still as smoke leaks from their body into an overhead cloud that churns with firey chaos. After the fifth emote is completed the Fel-Flame will begin to rain down for the following 4 emotes and anyone caught in the large storm will face burns equivalent to the amount of emotes spent in the fire. This means on the first emote they gain 1st degree, 2nd emote they gain 2nd degree, etc. If they are inside of the storm for all four emotes they will certainly perish and be nothing more than a melted pile of goop. The size of this spell is 10 blocks in every direction from the caster, meaning effectively this has a diameter of 21 blocks and it effects in a circular area.


- Requiring 26 Favor, that means this spell requires one to go through the Titan’s Concord in order to cast.

- This spell can be cast in a smaller area than specified but it will require the same amount of emotes and cannot leak out past solid barriers or doors.

- This will cause very small fires to start all around the area that leave typical scorch marks, but anything caught directly inside of the fire will face the atypical blue and purple scorch marks.



The Truth of Fel-Flame exists as a lesser form of Extra-Planar truth-seeking gifted to that of the struggling Blooded Withered of Gaia as a result of the Daemonic Princes which rule over The Steppes. Calling upon the wrath of Aggromaraphar via expanding Essence from his acts, a Blooded is able to call forth a magnified form of blue-striated fire throughout their form before expelling it outwards in a rapturous fury. Whether it be a simple ball, mastery over the control and manipulation of the fire, or expelling forth a corrupted inferno across the battlefield, it acts as heavily damaging and uncontrollable magic to both the user and neighbouring environment.

General Redlines

- Fel-Flame is the only magic that Withered are allowed to use. The only exception to this may lay in Grimoires or Powerstones which also deal in Fel-Flame.

- Fel-Flame can only be taught to and used by Blooded. Regular Gaian’s blood and body would burn if attempting to channel such through themselves.

- For the sake of moderation tracking, ease of access, and for one’s own benefit, it is highly suggested that the player keeps their persona’s Essence Value in their persona prefix.

- Attempts to maliciously and knowingly power game, loophole, or generally provide a low standard of RP with this and any other magic may lead to one’s MA being revoked.

- All spells require the proper Essence in order to be cast.

- Withered CAs passively gain 1 Essence per IRL day, regardless as to if they engage in rituals or not.

- Attempting to loophole the tier progression system by extendedly shelving a Withered CA as to come back at a later time and play it at a Rank 4 could lead to one’s progress being reset or paused.

- One cannot Fel Sling without either being a Withered or attaining a Sigil of Wrath.