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Visualized Essence of Water

Essence is a core feature of the World of Gaia; across the Planescape are lines of incredible magical importance that invigorate the planes with Essence. These lines are commonly known as Ley-lines. Essence travels across and between the planes through these lines, taking small portions of each plane with them as they ebb and flow. This Essence therefore is a distilled, pure magical energy that can lean in any of fourteen directions. Each type of Essence has its own unique function within the world of Gaia.

Prime Materia - Neutral Essence:

Neutral Essence, or Essence of the Prime Materia, is the lifeblood of Golems, giving them their animation and 'natural' form. It also has many other uses, from restoring inert magical artifacts to enchanting new mystical devices, and even throwing fireballs and bolts of arcane energy. It is the innate energy of the Prime Materia that the average mage can tap into when they use their magics.

The Demonic Steppes - Demonic Essence:

Demonic Essence, or Essence of the Steppes, is a magic energy filled to bursting with the power to corrupt and destroy others. It can be used to force entropy and dark changes by those affected by it; making it a powerful demonic tool for those that can wield it. A common use of Demonic Essence is changing and corrupting average flames into a more powerful version, into Fel-Flame. A unique feature of the Steppes is that any Essence may be Corrupted into the Essence of the Steppes.

The Faerie Wonderland - Wonderland Essence:

Wonderland Essence, or Essence of the Faerie Wonderland, is composed of four energies produced in the Seasonal Courts. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn energy. Each hold the power to manipulate and change certain aspects of the universe, but require technique and practice to pull out the power from the Essence as a whole. It is the innate energy of the Faerie Wonderland that the average Druid can tap into when they use their various magics.

Animam Absorbet

The first method, and the simplest form of Essence Gathering, is Animam Absorbet or "Soul Absorption". Animam Absorbet is the act of pulling Essence from the surrounding area. This can be done by any creature with a soul and the capacity to wield Essence such as a Fel-Slinger or Golemancer. It requires a deep state of concentration as the Gatherer inwardly focuses on their soul. At a point during this meditation, they will begin to open their soul in an effort to accept the ambient Essence that lingers in the air, given by the nearby ley-line, into their very being. This process is invigorating, powerful, and dangerous. It can drive those not ready for it mad with power and has to many a Magi in the past. Every time a Gatherer takes in this Essence they must equalize it against their own soul, or fear being over taken.

Story Beats
1. First, you must find a place free from distractions, this can be a quiet room, an empty field, an alleyway. Generally, someplace free from distraction. Without a place to intently focus the balancing process for intaking the Essence is altered, making it far harder to keep hold of this Essence.
2. Next, you must focus inwardly on your soul, and view it as a jar or gate or simply something sealed to be opened. You must clearly see this in your mind's eye.
3. You must break this seal, this breaking with allow you to absorb the Essence from the surrounding area.
4. The Essence will then rush into you, this is where you must balance it against your own soul.
5. Once the Essence has been captured you must exit the trance you entered by closing the seal.

Once you've performed this process you must roll a 1d6+1 to determine how much Essence you captured. You may only capture Essence twice per IRL day due to the strain it puts on the body. This may be performed without oversight, however lying about Essence Gathering will lead to punishments.