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Artwork by Unknown
Rarity: Common
Type Of Plant: Evergreen Shrub (Mundane)
Primary Uses: Culinary, Alchemy, Crafting
Region: The Talidurian Coast


Elf-ear is a shrub with long, pointed leaves, found in warm coastal regions. It is most often seen as a cultivated plant, but it can also be found growing wild in humid coastal scrubland. It is typically pruned into a shrub, about 1-2 meters tall, though if left unpruned, it can eventually grow into a small tree double that height. The crushed leaves or drupes of the plant give off a spicy, herbal aroma.


Elf-ear has medium green to yellow green leaves, gray bark, pale yellow flowers, and pale green fruit.


Small, pale yellow flowers bloom from late spring to early summer. The flowers grow into shiny, pale green fruits, about half the size of a grape. Each fruit, called a drupe, contains one large seed.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity



Young elf-ear branches are woven into wreaths or crowns and worn as decorative accessories or to mark special occasions. The drupes are technically edible, but are bitter and not especially palatable on their own. They are more often pressed to extract a fragrant oil, which, along with the leaves of the plant, are used in small amounts to flavor food. Larger quantities of the plant's produce can be consumed to improve hearing, or combined with other reagents into mixtures that can improve other senses.


Seeds sprout into individual shrubs which may grow close together in the wild, and can be grown into hedges.

Growth Rate
Sprouting from seed takes 5-6 months, after which a well-tended plant will grow about 10-20cm per year.