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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Rare
Color: Translucent, Metallic Blue
Primary Use: Weaponry


 Eldingar, or in Jotunn tongue 'Lightning' is a translucent, metallic blue ore that crackles with electricity from time to time. Through careful extraction, this metal can be harvested near the peaks of mountains in exposed iron veins that have been struck by lightning from the mystical storms that exist about Anoma. This is a metal native to the new world and therefore fairly interesting and rare. It does not always produce electricity, rather it acts as a mien for storing kinetic energy. So extraction from ore veins is safe as long as you don't move it too much.


 Eldingar loses its ability to produce electricity when heated to a high enough temperature, so as long as this temperature is maintained through the forging process a smith doesn't have much chance of being struck by the lightning. However, given all the pressure, tension, and energy transferred to the metal during the forging process, if it is allowed to drop to a low enough temperature it can cause an explosion of electricity as powerful as a direct lightning strike. Otherwise, it's as workable as iron. There is even a steel variant called 'Black Eldingar' which is Eldingar with added carbon.

General Use

Eldingar's Wrath

 Once Eldingar has enough kinetic potential built up it will release a powerful blast of electricity on the next swing or hit that has a similar strength to a taser. For hammers and other blunt weapons made from the substance, this usually requires around two hits, slashing weapons like swords and axes require three hits, and piercing weapons like rapiers and daggers require four or more. This will stun the defender for the next round of combat. Though this all can vary on how the weapon is made.

This potential doesn't not stay stored if it isn't constantly being fed, it rapidly disappates into the surrounding environment, eventually returning to its inert state.

Weaponry and Armor

 Eldingar is almost solely used in weaponry due to the likelihood of personal injury if held against one’s body in the form of armor. Weapons forged from such a metal are capable of holding their shape and edges just as good as iron, though they can deal far greater damage due to its ability to produce electricity.


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