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Height: 2’0" - 4’7"
Weight: 40lbs - 280lbs

The dwarves, or Drachev in their own tongue are a very diverse bunch. From the Hill dwarves, friendly little beings who are concerned with good food and good friends, to Cave dwarves, who believe in strong family ties, good craftsmanship and wealth, to the diminutive Deep dwarves, those smallest of dwarves, who are too weak to physically defend themselves, and thus use magics which sap their bodies over the course of their lives. All of them are different, but united in terms of their deity, viewing the others as distant cousins. At times their relationship has been strained, even coming to war at times, but currently, there is peace between the various species of dwarf.


The dwarves, for most of their history, have been long separate. While the Karmeny forged their empires under the mountains, the Gorney wandered the earth making settlements and being merry, and the Glubokiy delved deep into Gaia, finding a home in the darkest depths. In rare instances, the history of these three brothers would come together, usually amicably between the Cave and Hill drachev, but almost never so in the case of the Glubokiy, as circumstance would have it. The youngest brother of their race seemed to always have circumstances conspire to ruin the meeting, or pit one against another. As such, the Glubokiy distrust the Karmeny in general. As for the Glubokiy and the Gorney, they get along just as well as the Gorney do with everyone else.

On the world stage, the Gorney have been everpresent in the background of everything. There are little gatherings of Gorney everywhere in the world, from Rehk dynasties to human kingdoms, and many Gorney have become famous for one thing or another by inserting themselves, and their almost uncanny ability to find what's right into various situations. It is said that the best friend of Simlin was a Gorney, and this is a similar trend in the stories and histories of many other races. The Cave Dwarves have long been an important ally on the world stage to those who befriend them, though about two millenia ago, they were engulfed in a veritable Karmeny world war, with many tens of thousands of Karmeny dying under the mountains in their titanic conflicts. During this period, they retreated from the world mostly, making little contact until a full thousand years later, when they finally reopened, their entire culture having changed, though their skill at crafting no less impressive. Finally, the Glubokiy have only been known to the world for about a millenia, many having retreated from the depths of the Underdeep for some unknown reason. Though some cities still remain down there, most of their species now lives on the surface, or in the dwarfholds which accept their kind, few and far between though they be.

Creation Lore

The beginning was cold, dark, and desolate. Only the echo of stone upon steel rang out throughout the endless labyrinth of caverns that encompassed the realm of Vykovat otherwise known to the Drachev as the Underdeep. Vykovat was believed by the Drachev to be the constructor of expanded creation; Depicted as a rather rotund and muscular craftsman, Vykovat is seen as the sole source of the existence of the race and believed to be a Titan, a timeless being of yore. He was seen as a benevolent god who wished to expand his ideals of craftsmanship and hard work to those who were designed in his image to carry his ideologies forth into their own lives and his vast landscape of reality. Within traditional Drachev folklore, Vykovat began with two items: water and stone, using these items together to mold forth a beautiful cosmos and world that became the home for the inhabitants of Gaia, forging the world into reality. Three individuals were created by Vykovat and provided with spouses. Throughout time the races of Vykovat’s construction adopted the names of these three brothers to distinguish their cultures from the others. Thus the beginning of the Karmeny Karlik, Gorney Karlik, and Glubokiy Karlik began within the mortal plain of existence.

With the new beginning of the world, the influence of Vykovat spread deeper into the lives and traditions of the Drachev with each passing day. Eventually, their kinfolk began to develop into three separate families that were under the same family tree, the Karlik’s. Considered to be the first son of creation was Karmeny Karlik, the most strong and eldest brother of the Karlik bloodline. A stout and hardworking individual who’s pride was found following the traditionalistic values and practices of the Titan Vykovat. With this came his life beneath the surface of the crust of the world. Due to the cavernous environment of the Titan’s home realm, Karmeny saw it proper to delve into the soil and rock to imitate his creator and the power that came with understanding the importance of reclusiveness and the hard work that came with living below the world surrounded by its vast bounty of minerals, metals, and ore.

The second brother was Gorney Karlik, a thin and lean creature of creation who figured it proper to live above his brother’s kin who resided deep within the earth. Gorney believed that to be above his brother’s kin was a sign that they embraced the entirety of the world Vykovat had provided for him and his siblings. Although, he did not neglect his past and he carved out small hovels within the sides of the knolls that littered the realm to resemble the home of the Titan Vykovat and his appreciation for all that Vykovat had forged. These quaint and ornate homes allowed the kin of Gorney Karlik to embrace both their traditional values while showing appreciation for the realm above as well. They worked the land, living a life of peace compared to that of the sons of Karmeny Karlik and Glubokiy Karlik.

The third brother was Glubokiy Karlik, a petite and tiny creature in stature compared to his other siblings. However, his size was compensated for by his magical ability, a poison that drained his mind and body. He retreated deeper than the Karmeny Karlik into the world, living in vast natural caverns where he and his offspring developed magical schools and traditions that allowed them to perform feats unknown to the other brothers and their kin. The Glubokiy Karlik were seen as reclusive and closed off due to their history of conflict with the other races as they were sought to be genocided due to their unique talents and attributes. They retreated to the surface and lived closed off lives in the foothills of the mountain ranges, creating cities that dug themselves into the outer sides of mountain ranges, giving their architectural feel one of beauty and depth. There they have lived hidden away from the rest of the world where they perfected their craft and honed their skills to better protect themselves from the harsh realities of the outer world.


The following are the most prevalent subraces present in Anoma:

  • Karmeny Karlik: The Karmeny Karlik, or Cave Dwarves, are short, stout, muscular, excellent at crafting, and have a wealth of personal knowledge about their history that is not paralleled by almost any other race on the face of Gaia. They believe in honorable, straightforward diplomacy, trade, and have an extremely long memory for their friends and foes.
  • Gorney Karlik: The hill dwarves are perhaps the kindest and most easygoing of all the races on Gaia. They are short, generally somewhat rotund, happy little folk who live all over the world in their own little communities, or frequently just alongside the other races. They are also known for having an extremely strong moral code, as a people, but also individually.
  • Glubokiy Karlik: The final sort of dwarves, the deep dwarves, are the smallest, and thinnest of them all. Generally, they don't stand over three feet tall, and they tend towards being slim rather than stocky. The deep dwarves are a strange people, who substitute magical knowledge and the ability to hide for physical might. As such, they are somewhat more paranoid than the average person.


Anoman Drachev Nations

Across the vast, green, tree-dotted plains lies a hold of Drachev just a stone's throw away from the Gates of Talidur. Ever since the Dwed of Karmeny heard word of the new world, the multiple strongholds speckling the planet of Gaia perked up at the ideal of their greedy fingers being the first to mine at the riches which could possibly stay native to the Anoman landscape. Whitehall is the Drachev hold created in the main entrance to the Underdeep of Anoma. As the first Drachev settlement under the surface it holds a considerable significance in the world today. In here all Drachev are welcome while strangers should be warned: The Drachev are a proud people and they do not forgive nor forget.

Old World Drachev Nations

These Drachev nations still exist, but they are on the Old World, months away. They still have a presence, but distantly.

The Azgrudai Hold

Though not many of the truly old drachev holds remain in their original state, there is one that remained powerful enough to gather the money to send an expedition to the newly discovered Anoma, once the summer and winter winds were mapped. The Azgrudai Hold, as it is known, is still run by the various families within in a rigid castelike structure, instead of the guild-rule structure favored by so many other holds. An upside to this is that the record tomes of the Azgrudai are long indeed, and tell of a time many millenia ago when there were fellow drachev, though strange in nature, across the wide and terrible ocean. When the new continent was discovered, they immediately began discussions over what their reaction ought to be. In the end, after months of deliberation, their discussions led to them in part or in whole financing several expeditions across the sea. They desire someone to find their ancient dwarven cousins, to settle a long-held debt, and they will come to collect.

The Guild Republic

The Guild Republic is a group of strong merchant's guilds which have totally supplanted their local dwarfhold's governance. The voluntary group exists mostly under the mountains directly to the south of the Gravican empire, in the tundra between them and the Rehks. They are by far the largest confederation of dwarf holds, though they still hold only about twenty percent of the total population of dwarves in the old world. Nonetheless, they are an extremely powerful and influential group, and they control most of the roads between Gravicus and the Rehks, allowing them to profit massively on their wars and selling both of the groups finely crafted weaponry and goods. When the Republic heard about Anoma's discovery, they figured that there likely would never be another chance to claim a whole new mountain. Since then, they have been looking to subsidize a colony, specifically one controlled by Drachev.

Appearance of Ethnic Hybrids

The appearance of Drachev hybrids depends largely on the mother, displaying only a few of the characteristics of the father species. Generally speaking, they will be able to pass themselves off as a member of their mother species, though many of them still find that they feel like an outsider in these situations, causing them to leave their homes. Half Drachev children are infertile.