Durian Tree

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Artwork by Unknown
Durian Tree/Jungle Wood
Rarity: Common
Primary Use: Furniture, Interior Decoration
Region: Jungles, Tropical Rainforests, Tropical Islands


Durian wood comes from a collection of different species that all produce a pink-brown to red-brown hardwood. It is not especially durable for outdoor uses and quite susceptible to water damage.


Durian wood cuts easily, and can be bent into a variety of shapes. Good storage and seasoning is imperative, however, as the wood is prone to partially rotting and becoming weak and spongy.

General Use

Durian wood is usually used for decorative purposes, interior paneling, and some furniture. It tends to be very porous and susceptible to rot and infestation however, it readily accepts preservative chemicals and finishes. It is not often used for permanent outdoor applications but may be used for cheap crates and signage where readily available. It may be used for decorative inlays where a more durable wood can take the brunt of the object’s wear and tear.