Duilich Crann

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Artwork by Unknown
Duilich Crann
Rarity: Wondrous
Color: Orange inside grey outside, Black when Worked
Primary Use: Weaponry and Tools


A very, very rare tree, Duilich Crann often grows on solitary mountainsides, which are often inaccessible without a lengthy hike or climb. The tree is named after a legendary spring elven warrior, who is said to have perished fighting against an insurmountable foe amongst the mountains. His legend is so old that many variations of it are told, in which the identify of said foe, along with the creation of the tree vary greatly. Some claim the foe to be demons and that he was turned into a tree by his gods, others a horde of rehks and that his gods turned him into a tree upon his death, still more humans and that his gods made the tree in his honor. Regardless of its origin, the Duilich Crann is one of the hardest trees out there, and, opposed to other trees, may use the nutrients found in both soil and rock to grow. As such, the rocky terrain of mountains is perfect for Duilich Crann, as its incredibly powerful roots can gather nutrients from both the soil and the rocks scattered inside it. The tree, however, is not made of stone, and, while it does have a greyish tinge, it is still wood, with an orange-colored inside. This diet, however, makes the wood of the tree tremendously hard and durable, while being slightly less heavy than many comparable metals. Untreated, it possess a hardness akin to iron and a weight equivalent to that of bronze, and after being flame-treated it possess a hardness akin to tungsten-steel and a weight akin to regular steel. Unfortunately, as a trade off for this, it is one of the least enchant-able types of wood out there. As a result of being a wood, however, it has a harder time holding an edge, in its untreated form said edge being akin to bronze, and in its treated form said edge being akin to steel.


Duilich Crann must be carefully whittled into its form, and then flame-hardened, a technique created by the Karmeny but widely spread soon after, whereby the wood is very nearly burned, in a low-heated forge. After this flame hardening, the wood turns black, and can get as hard as tungsten-steel. Thanks to its tremendous strength and it being hard to work, all crafts made of Duilich Crann have a 1.5x multiplier on their token cost. The flame-treating process must be done separately by a smith, but it does not have the 1.5x token modifier attached to it.

General Use

Duilich Crann is most often used in weaponry and armor, by certain groups of spring elves, and, most notably, the Druii, who disdain metal armor and weaponry. If they cannot get their hands on any of the woods of the World Tree, Duilich Crann is their go-to. Because of how tremendously difficult it is to work, this is almost the only use for it, but it sometimes sees use as heavy wooden doors or chests. A box made of hardened Duilich Crann is essentially flame-proof, and a fantastic insulator as well.

Weaponry and Armor

Weaponry and armor made of Duilich Crann is widely sought after for how durable it is, and for its relative lightness. While such weaponry and armor is difficult to enchant, if one doesn't have the money to get a significant enchantment for their weapon, having a high-quality Duilich Crann weapon is just as good, or, in some situations, possibly better. Thanks to its nature, however, Duilich Crann armor often has many vulnerabilities, as, unlike its metal counterparts, it is impossible to create wooden chainmail. Thus, most sets of Duilich Crann armor have many weakpoints that may be exploited by their opponents.


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