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Artwork by Antre Dragonys
Domain(s): Ocean, the Tides, and Seas
Symbols: Serpents, Sea Giants
Followers: Sea Giants, Sailors
Other Names: The Blue, The Deep Dragon, King of Monsters

“Because he could not suffer the mortals who populated the land like fleas on a diseased hound, Dirgodog took to the ocean, and built himself his own species…”
-The beginning of the creation story of the sea giants, payed for with twenty tons of Spring Elven gold.


Dirgodog has strong influence over the oceans and seas of the world, as well as the monsters which dwell beneath them. Sailors typically either revere him, or will punish you for speaking his name, or both, depending on their outlook on the fickle draconic deity.


Dirgodog is massively powerful, clearly, but since he has so rarely shown himself, nobody truly knows the extent of his abilities.


Dirgodog created the Sea Giants, and so all of their stories, and their artifacts are, by proxy, his.


Dirgodog, The Blue One, is also occasionally known as the Dragonwyrm due to his appearance, like that of a massive blue serpent, large enough to swallow a fleet of battleships whole, or sometimes the Dragon of the Oceans due to his domain. Dirgodog is only very rarely seen, perhaps once a century, and his appearance is almost never good news for the unfortunate sailors who spot him. Generally he is flanked by several sea serpents, and while he makes no attempts to harm the tiny beings afloat on their flimsy boats, he also makes no attempt to stop his serpents from wreaking whatever havoc they so desire. It is unknown why he makes these trips to the surface, as he has little time for mortals and spends even less above the briny waves he calls home. In fact, most descriptions of him come from his servants, the Sea Giants, who are only seen once or twice a century, trading tales with mortal fishermen.