Destruction Phoenix

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Detruction Phoenix


Thankfully, the rarest of all phoenixes is the Destruction Phoenix, a phoenix which takes after the Great Black Wing in form, if not exactly in function. They appear as pure black eagles, surrounded by a burning corona of blacklight and a sort of unnatural air-distorting effect, not unlike heat waves off a hot stone in the air they’ve just passed through. Like all normal phoenixes, they stand about a meter and a half, or five feet tall, and their claws are vicious eight-inch long curved daggers. Their touch is pure agony, each slash leaves jagged wounds which immediately kills the nearby flesh, and each strike from their powerful wings seems to sap the very strength from their unlucky victims. They have not been seen to eat, rather when they kill something, they sink their claws into it and roost, causing the thing to rapidly rot away, and eventually turn to dust. It’s theorized, though this hasn’t been proven, that they are eating the magical energies of their prey, siphoning away the soul of the thing until there’s nothing left, much like when a creature kills themselves through using every last drop of magic in their soul. Their wingspans tend to be between eight and nine meters, sixteen to nineteen feet, wide.

Seen only extremely rarely, almost exclusively as a result of a summoning rewarded for sacrifices to Grytuss

Extremely aggressive

Danger Level
Extremely aggressive Extreme. Weapons can harm them, but they’re fairly sturdy, and their strikes are devastating.

Very strong, very fast, strikes are debilitating.

Ranged Piercing Attacks seem to do more damage to the things