Death Knight

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Artwork by dleoback
Death Knight
Rarity: Rare
Danger Level: Medium

Primary Author(s): BOTE

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

"A life void of death is nothing but an unending prison to a cold, mortal shell."

- The Gilded One


Those of Frozen Hearts: Origins

It is through the will of entities far beyond the understanding of mankind that divine punishment is bestowed. Cruel fates never to be altered or changed but through the allowance of the taskmasters who delivered them. It is through a method much like this that the Knights of Death came to be, and that the first was born in the midst of a snow-filled winter.

It was cold.

This was the main thought that filled the mind of the mortal commander Eltorak, in lands long forgotten to time and history. So too, did those very same thoughts fill the minds of all those who followed him. Soldiers, acting as soldiers did, to march the frigid norths unto their next conquest. Their next slaughter, before they would at last be called home.

They marched reluctantly. They marched obediently. Unto the snowy fields of an ancient kingdom they found themselves in formation, facing a foe that did not exist - for no armies rose to fight them. No villages stood in their path. No city lay before them to put to waste. Only a man adorned in robes of gray, uttering for them to stop their march and turn home.

We did not march this far, for nothing.

A refusal of the strange man’s request was to be expected, but neither was it with joy that the army of Eltorak was slaughtered that day. Each and every man was cut down, though how never came to be known - only a battlefield of bodies that were too far from home to ever be rightfully recovered.

They remained like this. Corpses scattered at random for hundreds of years, untouched for the fear of what had caused this. So it was that the mummified corpses were barred from the afterlife, unable to control their bodies, unable to manifest, unable to move - forced to watch and listen around them as their skin and flesh shrivelled and shrunk. Forced to feel the gnawing teeth of snow-born wolves tear at their flesh and leave naught but bone behind. But never dying. Never passing.

Let us out. Free us. Open the gates - You damnable fiend!

The entity of death is not kind. Not merciful. They were barred from ever passing his doors, from ever reaching their destined afterlives, and in this he drove them mad. Insanity clawed at their minds only a few days into their eternal torture. It consumed them a week later. It defined them a month later. Though forgotten by the one who gave them this accursed fate, they were not neglected by the Lord of their domain.

A being of ice and snow, of magic and chaos alike so utterly foreign to the mind it lay incomprehensible in its make, did so set its gaze upon the battlefield. To a mortal this lay as a battlefield of rusted weapons and half-buried corpses. To a being above all, it lay as a vortex of chaos unchecked. Where most would flee, this ice-born creature did dance.

Were you there to free us? Or were you there to laugh at us? To this day, I cannot tell.

With a thought, the deepest corners of insanity were brought forth to the light, born within the half-rotten features of Eltorak, and given animation once again. Though he remained trapped in his body, yet experiencing the agony of his fate. This could not be undone.

So it was that the first of the Death Knights were born to the frozen tundra, and so it was that his first legion was born - a march forever north. But it was not in peace that they moved, driven by madness and insanity, forever tormented in pain, they sought release - death in its truest sense. Never would Eltorak find this, and forever he would quest to uncover the individuals who cursed him to his undying fate.

The Gilded One: Eltorak

The first of the Death Knights, and the most well known, Eltorak was a warrior who led a march north in ages past. This being continues to wander, amassing a cult like following of other Death Knights he could find, with the sole purpose of finding a method to die. In this quest, oftentimes the methods attempted are by no means reasonable, often leading many to die. But in this, he is meticulous and careful - doing his best to ensure that no harm comes to him, for in their undying rage, he and his kin are unable to heal.


Death Knights are entities cursed by the God of Undeath, forever forbidden from crossing his domain and into any form of afterlife. In this, they are not granted animation, boons, or any form of strengths or positives; chained by their soul to their decaying mortal corpse, suffering through the process involved. In lands of snow and ice however, they are not left entirely forgotten. An entity, ancient and cold, forever loves to watch torment and sorrow. In this they are granted animation through his will, repairing their bodies into a whole skeleton, and letting them loose onto the world.

Physicality - The Iron Bones of a Death Knight

Death Knights are reanimated through magic that far surpasses the notions of mortal minds, in such being fully repaired during their creation - but never again. Upon their rise from their stagnant state of quasi-death, a Death Knight’s bones gain a sturdy nature, putting their natural selves at a durability akin to steel armor. A blade against their arm would do naught but clash against them harmlessly, an arrow able to glance off if not a deathly precise shot. In turn, they never heal - a single, direct blow from a warhammer able to send cracks that last for eternity.

The archaic magics which form a Death Knight as well grant them a monstrous strength unknown to other creatures. Once they rise from the dead, they hold strength thrice as much as a mortal man, able to fight hoards before finally collapsing from their wounds. Though, as they fight and their innate rage grows on, they’ll find the pain of their own death growing further in their body - Never to fade or lessen, only growing fiercer as the years drag on.

Red Lines

- Blades and Arrows pose no harm to a Death Knight. Greatswords, Warhammers, and other heavy weapons may leave small cracks with one blow. Larger with two in the same place. At three, the bone will shatter

- Death Knights may not heal ever, unless another lore piece explicitly says it may. Their wounds are permanent.

- Death Knights may wear armor as well, halving the damage they’d take; though it’s the Player’s responsibility to remain aware of the damage they’ve taken on any portion of their body. Magical gear can provide further protection.

- Silver and Platinum cause excruciating, temporary pain during contact with a Death Knight, but it doesn't harm them. Holy Blessed weapons deal double damage; counting as two strikes if heavy weaponry, and harming them as though one instead of none if light.

- If someone has enhanced strength via potions or other magical/innate effects, the damage would increase accordingly, though a single blow may never fully shatter a Deathknight’s bones without some form of prior damage.

- A Death Knight’s skull may crack and wound, but it may never shatter. If all the rest of a Death Knight is destroyed, the skull will forever remain.

Mentality - The Destructive Tendencies of a Death Knight

Despite their enormous strength and durability, a Death Knight’s mental fortitude is both massive and yet fragile at the same time, as though an enormous tower of glass. From their sane lives they are driven into madness through the act of witnessing, suffering through their own death and decay, and bent with an insatiable urge to die. In this, they will seek out countless methods in order to do so; be it dark rituals or even near suicidal attempts to anger the gods who lord above them.

Whatever the case, a Death Knight is not one to seek out conflict with just anyone. They understand well that their bodies lay sturdy, but able to be harmed but not killed. To seek conflict that would wound them and hinder their future endeavors is a foolish choice for a Death Knight, and as such they are more prone to avoiding a battle where possible. But, should one come, in their maddened states they are cruel and merciless - Tyrannical monsters, revelling in causing death in others that escapes them. For to them, to die is a mercy in and of itself.

In all of this, a Death Knight is in constant agony. Their bodies, decomposed, still feel the pain of all of that. Even without flash, the wounds are like phantoms that never escape them, never lessening, and only seeming to grow throughout eternity until it is all that they know. In this, their behaviors are sporadic - in some cases able to calmly hold a conversation, while in others throwing fits that would leave entire structures in ruins, changing moods at the drop of a hat.

Red Lines

- A Death Knight may not be “Good” or “Nice” - Though they may develop allies and friendly relations with those who share their goals.

- A Death Knight should be in a state of constantly fluctuating emotions, never remaining calm for too long.

- A Death Knight generally does not seek out pointless conflict, as to injure themselves would hinder their goal of finding a way to die.

- A Death Knight never stops feeling pain throughout their body, only growing through the years.

- A Death Knight may not cast any form of magic unless stated otherwise in its given lore.

The Ritual of Creation

The Ultimate Punishment. The Gilded One, Eltorak, discovered long ago a method to create more Death Knights, a way to punish those who have wronged them truly. Though a Death Knight may be born on their own, through methods unknown to the masses, they too can be created by a group of three others. Three who would drag their target into the depths of the cold in the midst of winter, beating them, torturing them, and, inevitably, killing them. Their body laid bare on the snow, they would be left for the wolves to feast on. Prayers uttered to the cold that bore Death Knights would bring forth that entity's attention once more, and come the full decomposing of the body, a new Death Knight would rise.

Red Lines

- The Ritual involves three Death Knights murdering another individual and performing a ritual to the unknown creator, in time resulting in the rising of the dead into a new one of their kin, though likely wrathful at those who caused this to him.

- This Ritual is not required to create a death knight, as unrelated actions may cause the same process to occur through the wrath of the God of Undeath and death in the snow.

- This Ritual is not inherently known within all Death Knights and must be taught to partake in it.

- You may only create a Death Knight CA after going through the RP to do so, be it the Ritual or Events.